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Aurelien Moreau Joins Talented Helsinki Squad


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On Friday the Helsinki Titans selected defensemen Aurelien Moreau 9th overall in the VHL draft. Moreau joins the Titans, who after signing Venus Thightrap in free agency now have championship aspirations. With a deep forward group and a strong starting goalie the only question mark on Helsinki's roster is the continued growth of their defense. Moreau will look to be strong defensively in his rookie season to help the team win and not pad individual stats or be a liability. After talking with @Jubo07 the plan for Aurelien's game will be to grow his offense at a slow burn focusing primarily on scoring this off season.  His original projection when drafted was a shut down defenseman, while Helsinki will likely look to transition the player into a more two-way physical defenseman as a nice compliment to what they already have. So far the atmosphere in the locker room is like nothing Moreau has seen with the likes of @PatrikLaine, @Dil, @Jubo07, @BladeMaiden, @MMFLEX, @Emi, @Caboose30, @BladeMaiden, @Vat, @ATST (I'm sure I'm forgetting people) all being very active. Despite Helsinki aiming for a championship this season, the future could be even better with young prospects marinating in the VHLM and young players developing in the VHL. The present and future are very bright in Helsinki. 



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