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Trevor Wallace On His Next Season and Miami


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Next season, Miami will be the best team in the Victory Hockey League Minors.  I believe that we can win this if we work hard.  We have a team that is willing to work hard.  We have forwards that have developed.  We have new defensemen that will develop.  We have a goalie who saves everything that comes his way.  We have an experienced general manager looking to make a name for himself again.  We are hungry, and we will go all the way.

Development will be critical, but with VHL general managers pushing our players that were drafted this season to earn TPE, we will rise to the top.  We will continue to learn, to get better, in order to strive.  Last season we were on the verge of success, so we will be back hungrier.  We want the cup, and we will go all out for the cup.  Stopping for nothing less than success.

155 words (would be longer but I gtg to bed)

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