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The Next Step to Greatness - Nicholas Mariani

Mistxh J

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Waking up this morning was probably the most excited I have been since I first picked up a hockey stick, the VHLM draft was happening and I had a lot of preparing to do. My day started with getting my condo cleaned up, inviting my friends and family over and prepping the dinner menu! But the constant nerves flowing through my body and the anxiety of when or if I would get picked tonight loomed over me more than ever before (I'm pretty sure I switched shirts 5 times from all the sweat that was coming out of me!). Fast forward to 8pm EST, the draft has started, I was projected to be picked around the 37 overall pick but my expectations were lower. Having a slower progression than imagined would do that to you. Everything changed when the 3rd round came around and we all heard.. "With the 32nd pick in the VHLM, the San Diego Marlins pick LW Nicholas Mariani". Oh the excitement flowed right through the room... nachos and wings flew off the plates everyone was holding my friends and family cheered and all rushed towards me to celebrate the most life changing day of my life! Fast forward to now and the feeling I have is still just as unbelievable as it was when I heard my name being called out on the TV. I am beyond grateful for @thadthrasher and the Marlins taking a chance on me an drafting me, it means the world! All that's left to be said is this, Let's get to work and bring home a cup for San Diego!! 

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