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My Random VHL Thoughts - S76 - Part 7

Fire Fletcher

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  • I opened up the previous season's prediction rewards, did a cntrl + f to find my name....only to get a 0/0 results hit. Oops. I'm pretty sure this is at least the 2nd season in a row where I've forgotten to do predictions, and I think I've forgotten to do my predictions more in the portal area than all of the time preceding it. Something about not seeing the constant replies in the "View New Content" section just makes me forget to do it.
  • Prague lost a couple players in free agency, but we picked up some others as well. I think we'll be back in the playoffs as European Conference contenders, but what do I know?
  • I'm halfway done my career (at least - assuming I go the full 😎 which is making me think about my next player. Do I go to back to a defenseman, which is what I've historically been good at? Do I go with another forward, maybe a straight goon, and go for the hits record? Do I do what I said I would never do again and make a goalie? Still not sure.
  • Also, positive shout out to all my Prague teammates - Discord has legitimately been popping recently.
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