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Saskatoon Wild Draft Review


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7th Overall - D - Nixon Caldwell


For this pick we decided to go with a defenseman, of which there were plenty in the dispersal draft. Kendrick is a grizzled veteran of sim leagues and has been around the block a time or two for sure. Made it a lot easier to make this selection. Not the biggest fan of his build however, 75 passing and 70 scoring. However, the last time we had a player with a passing build he did very well so you never know. He’s still got about 60 TPE to apply so that could potentially change. Always nice to have a Bears prospect on my VHLM team as well.


9th Overall - C - The Seabasstard


For our second pick it made sense to pick our centre, as we needed both forwards and defense equally. Seabass was a waiver claim who was already with the team for a good bit so it was great to bring him back aboard. He has a 57 scoring to 50 passing build, which isn’t the worst in the world. There is potential there but a lot of room for improvement.


16th Overall - D - David Tavau


For the 16th pick, Saskatoon selected another defenseman for the squad. I don’t know a ton about Ahma because I’ve never talked to him personally, but I know that he has a deep love for Davos. So much so that he refuses to play for any team that is not HC Davos Dynamo. Has a 70 passing to 40 scoring build. It will be interesting to see how well he does.


23rd Overall - D - Raphael Sonier


Admittedly, I had never heard of this user before we selected him in the draft. We went defense again at 23, and that rounds out the top 2 pairings of the defense corps. Raphaelsonier joined Miami and seems like a welfare+ user with some solid potential. Has a scoring build as a d man, 60 scoring to 51 defense.


26th Overall - RW - TheCHEESE


TheCHEESE signed with us on waivers last season, so we were pretty pumped to add him back to the squad. He also has a passing build, 75 passing to 65 scoring, which is a bit of a recurring theme with our S77 draft class. TheCHEESE is a solid user over in the EFL, and we should be able to get him to update regularly.


29th Overall - LW - Duncan Montana


A user with a bit of an odd username, 124715 signed with us on waivers last season. We were stoked to bring him back as well and even traded up to accomplish that. With the addition of Montana on offense, our top 2 lines and defense pairings are complete. Montana has my favorite build of this class, 75 scoring to 60 passing. It might be a generic build, but if it works it works.


76th Overall - G - Keshawn Harris


After having no picks in the 4th, 5th or 6th, we decided to take a bit of a gamble on a backup goaltender. Domkey is an acquaintance from the Simulation Basketball League, so I was happy to add him to the squad. He hasn’t applied any TPE yet, but I'm hoping we can get him to update. It would be great having a second option at goaltender this season when many don’t even have a legit starter.

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