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Rookie Experience: Henry Tucker


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Well, it was October 15, 2020, that Henry Tucker got his start in the VHLM. The majors were far away, and I could’ve never believed that they would come so soon. Tucker, as is oft repeated, had a disappointing debut with Miami in S74, with only 1 assist in 13 reg. season games and no points at all in the playoffs. That sucked, and I coulda gonna IA then. Then, Tucker got a huge slap in the face (again), and was drafted 73rd by the Storm, which also sucked, but Tucker figured it out in some sense, scoring 12 points, 31 assists, 43 points, and 200 hits, all very legitimate stats. Minnesota sucked, though, and while being praised as a checking forward with potential to play offense, he slipped to 26th in the draft, being selected by the Vancouver Wolves, which turned out to be a great decision. Tucker turned on the max-earning jets and got himself all the way to 335 TPE before the season flip, earning 149 TPE and putting himself on pace to earn 1,378 TPE by the end of his career, one of the best rates on the team. After a disappointing, 0 points performance with Little Rock in Victory ProAm, Tucker returned with a vengeance, netting 20 goals and 53 assists for 73 points, 186 more hits, and 99 penalty minutes. In the playoffs, he had a much better experience, getting 2 goals, 4 assists, 6 points, 10 hits, and 8 PIM in 8 games, including his (and Minnesota’s) final goal of the season with just 2 minutes left before his VHLM career ended, earning him an emotional standing ovation.


Now, for the pros. Tucker stepped on to the ice, it was like Heaven on ice. “Oh my God!” Tucker exclaimed, “It’s SS Hornet! And Micah Adrienne! Wow!” Of course, there was also Onde Sandstorm, who had taken a great interest in his SBA & VHL player, reported it to his agent, who subsequently selected his SBA guy 7th overall, but there was one face who stuck out: Tater Tot, the goalie, selected in the 4th round who also turned up the max earning jets and made it to 256 TPE, earning him a spot on the major league roster. “Taterrrr!!!” Tucker exclaimed, and seeing Tot helped him get adjusted to the VHL. He settled in, started playing, and could sorta compete with everyone, though it wasn’t that easy. The rumor on the street is that because there are no LWs and 5 RWs, Tucker is projected to be a 2nd line right winger, which may give him a shot at ROTY, though that’s extremely unlikely. But, you never know.


Max earning may be a lot easier to get if I can become an updated or something like that, no more VHL.com articles would be a blessing sent from heaven, since I hate those! Ugh. I only have about 100 more word left until I can stop this and claim, so I’ll just have some notes. 2 articles popped up recently that I really liked, one was that great beginner’s guide by @Ricer13 and the other was awesome for a different reason, the “Hello” piece by @thadthrasher. I think they needed to let him get that for TPE, because it was a heckuva piece, with some amazing formatting. With no trivia, I have to do a player card or some sort of graphic 😬. And that’s that.


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