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That Dude S77 Draft Experience


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That Dude was anxiously anticipating this moment, the day that he gets drafted up to the VHL. It happens only once in every player's career and it's kinda a big deal when you think about it. Unlike the M Draft where high-TPE inactives can sometimes muddy up the first round over the up-and-coming prospects, the VHL Draft is the pure measuring stick of a prospect's standing amongst his class mates. In many people's mock drafts, That Dude was slotted in around the middle of the 1st round with many linking him to the Toronto Legion at #6. The Draft Day came. 


"I've had talks with several teams. HC Davos, Malmo, Riga, Helsinki, Calgary - some of them didn't last long while there were a couple of meaningful back-and-forth conversations. I enjoyed those conversations and took advantage of this opportunity to ask them some questions both about their organizations as well as their notion/thoughts on yours truly. Those kind of stuff, you know? That you can't really have when you're signed to a contract in the VHL. I truly did not expect to go in the Top-3 because you know, those picks were basically on lockdown for Atreides, Idaho and Reinhart by the looks of it. Many folks had my Minnesota teammate Brendan Telker going before me, which I completely understood. Those guys busted their ass off and they've earned their dues. But I thought I'd done a good job to prove myself."


Draft Day came. The Top-3 picks went off the board as expected (although the order was a bit different). #4 came, and it was a reach with Zeedayno Chara going #4, probably 'cause he was a Defenseman and fit the team's need. #5, Telker was off to Malmo. #6.... Reinhart, who had unexpectedly fallen as the other Reinhart went #2. Okay. #7, #8 and #9 were all teams that had talked to That Dude. Maybe one of those teams... nope. These three teams (Calgary, Riga, Helsinki) all went with a need pick, choosing Defensemen. That Dude and his fellow agent's friend Druss Deathwalker was still on the board, heads over everybody else in terms of TPE. 


"Then I was taken #10 Overall. London. A team that hadn't even reached out to me pre-draft. Like, dude. Then the GM reached out to me, saying that he didn't contact me because he was like, thinking, there's no way That Dude is going to fall to #10. So I sort of pushed my feelings aside and graciously accepted the United organization as my next destination. They're in London, which is not too far away from my home country of Iceland so it isn't that bad. Could even sneak in a off day trip back home if I ever needed it.


Looking at the roster, I'm the youngest one of the bunch so I look forward to this opportunity, learn from some seasoned pros. Gonna make sure that the teams that passed on me in this draft regrets it." 

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