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A Solid Night of Drafting for San Diego


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March 14th, 2021 is a day that will be talked about for many years to come. This was the day that San Diego came through the draft with an incredibly solid core of players, and the management could not be any happier. After taking over the reigns of San Diego during the off-season between S75 and S76, @thadthrasher came into the management scene with only two draft picks, one in the 7th round and the other in the 8th round. The remainder of S76 saw the SDM management signing waiver and Free Agent players while also trading huge players away for future draft picks, a move that should prove worth while.


On the heels of S76, after having to release all of their waiver signings, San Diego was left with only one player, Aldwin Craig @Eldredman. At this point, San Diego entered the stage of being under a complete rebuild. They needed to snag players in every position, and they weren't the only team needing to do this as well. With the S77 Draft Class lacking much depth, it became apparent a few days before the draft that every pick had to be calculated precisely, and that's exactly what San Diego did. With how difficult this draft seemed to be for many managers, San Diego had to have multiple backup plans for if and when their desire player was picked up. There were moments of frustration, and even a few times where San Diego wasn’t sure what to do. However, cool minds prevailed and they were able to hold an incredibly successful draft. They were able to secure a great core group of players, establish a few healthy lines off the bat, and get things rolling on the ice for an impressive S77 run. Now, only time will tell if they can do it!


#1 The Loch Ness Monster @LuluSalesAway

While many speculated as to who SDM would select with their 1st round draft pick, few were surprised by their selection of the Loch Ness Monster. Nessie, as she is sometimes called, comes back to SDM after initially playing for the team during S76 as a waiver signing. She added grit and depth to the team, something that was needed, and is why she was brought back.


#11 Luc Tessier @KC15

Tessier comes to SDM after being selected 11th overall. He's an energetic, active, and eager player. While he does not have any prior ice-time to gauge, he has looked great in videos of him on previous teams outside of the VHL. He will certainly come out as one of the top centers of the draft.


#15 Lochlan Chisholm @Lochlan Chisholm

Chisholm is another player that will be returning to San Diego after playing the full 72 game season as a waiver player. Chisholm did not have much to show on the ice, but with a tired and worn out team around him, SDM believes that their true potential was never reached. They are hoping for an explosive season out of this young winger.


#21 Arvid Johansson @Gwdjohnson

Johansson only has 12 games played for S76 as a Halifax waiver player. Those games didn't offer much for scouting, but Johansson's work ethic on and off the ice really propelled him higher on SDM's draft board. While a new player, they seem to have a great veteran presence about them that should help keep the rest of the team motivated!


#32 Nicholas Mariani @Mistxh J

Much like Tessier, Mariani does not have any VHLM ice-time to have helped SDM scout him. However, during every discussion with SDM (and every other team that talked to Mariani) there was an indisputable passion and drive that, if converted on the ice, would make for an amazing player. There is much potential here!


#39 Anime Protagonist @Jericho

Protagonist comes to San Diego with only 3 games under his belt in Saskatoon. While those 3 games were wins for the young netminder, it wasn't too much to go off of. Protagonist has been active around the league, making his name known. This selection by SDM could prove to be something that helps them during a potential future playoff run.


#49 Bogdan Trunov @qripll

This is yet another player that did not have any previous games to help SDM scout. However, after receiving his draft notice he was quick to come into team discussions and say "hey" to everyone. As a center he doesn't have much going on as far as face-offs go, but he will certainly help the team score quick and early in games! This is a player with great potential.


#52 James Tavers @lukechezzwoo

Tavers comes to the team as a brand new player. Not having much experience, he showed some great potential in tapes that SDM management saw. With some great coaching and grooming, Tavers has the chance at being a great defenseman in this league. Only time will truly tell.


#68 Brent Ashe @nhlbeastmode_7777

Ashe is another young player that showed some potential. While there really isn't much to be known about this player, he is young enough to grow exponentially as long as he is will to show up and put in the work. But, when someone is drafted in the VHLM they are always ready and willing to put in the work!


#83 Jason Foote @Fno

After playing 30 games for Yukon, Foote didn't really have much going for him in the stats. What impressed SDM was his willingness to grow, practice, and work hard. While he has taken a bit of a leave of absence, management hopes that they will be able to reach out and pull back in this great young player!


SDM's Future...

With 10 solid picks this draft, San Diego is certainly looking like a team that will make an early and impressive impact on the league. Under the careful management of @thadthrasher and team veteran @Eldredman, San Diego is looking to go the distance. Their hope is that with this core group of players, San Diego will be able to do something that hasn't happened in franchise history, take home the Founder's Cup!



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