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WJC Interview w/ Tom Eagles


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The World Junior Championships begin today and we managed to grab an interview with one of Europe’s defenders Tom Eagles. We discuss with him his thoughts on Team Europe and his VHL Teams new direction.

R: Welcome Tom, Glad to have you on the show and that you have taken the time to sit with us and discuss the upcoming championship and VHL season

TE: No problem! Glad to be here and excited to have my first on air interview

R: First let’s talk about the Junior Championships. You were selected to represent Europe. Can you tell us how you feel about representing Europe?

TE: To be honest, I wasn’t even expecting a call. I was starting my off-season workout when I got the call. I immediately said Yes and started packing my things.

R: How do you rate Europe's chances this tournament?

TE: We have a very solid team. The defense core is just incredible with all 4 of us being drafted in the top 10 this season. I think that will be our biggest asset is the amount of talent with have on the blue line

R: It definitely does look like that will be a game changer for Europe. Who do you think will be your biggest competitors?

TE: Usually Canada and US put up a good fight every tournament so I will be looking out for them but you know, in these tournaments anyone can win. Asia and Team World can shake things up. You never really know how will come out on top until that final gam is played

R: Now lets move on to the VHL. You will be starting your 2nd season in the VHL and with the Wranglers. How do you think the team will do this season?

TE: Well I think with the new GM, we have taken a rebuild route. We have a lot of great up and coming youngsters on the team. I am hoping to make the wildcard at least this season but I know this team is still a work in progress and might take a couple seasons to fully flourish

R: Are you happy with the direction the team is taken?

TE: Of course, I knew after last season with all the retirements of some of Calgary’s older core that the team was due for a rebuild. It is a process many teams have to go through but in the long run it will help us achieve our goals of winning a cup. It also gives us youngsters the opportunity to grow together and build chemistry.


R: That’s great to hear! Now let’s talk a little about how you think you will do this season?

TE: Well, I have been training hard off-season and will get some games in during the World Junior Championships so I will be 100% when the season starts. I am expecting to improve across the board and really raise my point totals. I am really working hard to become a solid two-way defender and prove to the league why I was selected number 3 in the draft:

R: We look forward to seeing how you do in the upcoming tournament and next season. That is all the time we have for today. Tune in next time as we follow Team Europe throughout the competition!














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I liked the interview format, also included a picture, and was descriptive. Maybe next time add a little more length, and spice it up. But a good media spot nevertheless.


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Nice read with some good quality content without making things unnecessarily long or redundant. Looking forward to hitting the ice alongside you for Team Europe! The formatting of the article fit the content well and it looked pleasant overall. Two small issues I found were that the picture looks too small on my screen and there was some unnecessary spacing at the end of the article.



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