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Malmo quick review for S77


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Aha! Coming in quickly to tell my quick thoughts about Malmo and S77

Firstly, I would like to congratulate GM Hylands with, in my opinion, a truly great draft and to me it just says that Malmo will go into the right direction, Malmo will become a place for everyone to enjoy their time. Out of those players drafted, I am really intrigued to see how well will Deathwalker and Telker play considering they both were 1st round selections, wishing all the best to them both!

Talking about S77, I do believe that Malmo will not really be able to contend for a cup or really contend for a playoff spot. There is a chance of course to actually make something happen but I think that there youngsters will need a season or two to actually make a huge impact to the team's offence! I think that our GM will have a hard decision to make considering that there are 2 goaltender on our team, both of them having a similar play style. I would personally think about Tretiak and his role with the franchise going forward as he is the younger goaltender of the two.  

Talking about our older players, I believe there are 4 to really talk about : Dayne, Hylands, Kamenov and Frostbeard. Dayne will have an important role for the team - 1st line centre player. He is ready to do it and I believe with Hylands on his win, they can both show great chemistry together. Hylands should prove to be one of the top goal scorers in the league as he has done there past few seasons. Kamenov and Frostbeard, two aging defenceman that can still do it and with the right amount of coaching and support can be true blue line power. 

Will be a tough season, still, nothing to be ashamed about considering we did win the cup in S75. 

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