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March 6th,


Hello there, I don’t quite know what I am doing yet but I’ve decided to start writing about my career as a way to be able to look back and remember it. It’s currently March 6. My first season in the league just ended with Halifax 21st. It was a slow season for me. I played 60 games and 3 goals and 18 assists totaling 21 points. Which I guess isn’t that bad but was expecting maybe a slightly better performance. Halifax didn’t make the playoffs this year so I was unable to obtain that experience but hopefully next season. Talking about next season the draft is quickly approaching and I couldn’t be more excited.


As the draft has been approaching multiple teams have reached out asking questions and wanting to get to know me which I mean I expected but it’s crazy seeing it all unfold in front of your eyes. You hear stories from past players but it’s truly something to experience it yourself. You can feel the excitement building up inside you along with some nerves. I’ve found myself imagining what my career has in store for me once I get drafted. Will I win any championships? What new people will I meet? How many seasons will I spend in the minors? When will I score my first big league goal? These questions race through my mind but there’s only one way to get these answers to wait and see what happens.


I’ve been asked a lot what are your plans as a player. I guess my answer to that is quite simple… I want to be a well-rounded but offensively-minded defenseman. I have hopes that everyone has to one day win a championship wherever I end up. It pretty a basic answer but in truth that’s all I want to be able to do.


March 13th


Yesterday was VHL draft day! It was so exciting to be a part of it. I didn’t know what team I would end up on. I had talked to a few different ones but didn’t quite know where I would end up. I ended up going 14th overall in the first round to the Calgary wranglers!! I was extremely surprised to have gone in the first round. To be honest, I was expecting to go early to mid-second round so this came as a real shock but I’ll take it. I’m excited to get started in Calgary once my player grows and develops more. I can’t wait to meet all my future teammates and get to know them. I feel as though being drafted now will give me more motivation to work hard on my player.


I’m sure the next few days will be full of celebration with friends and family. The journey is only beginning and I can’t wait to see where my career takes me. The vhl draft was the big first step in a long journey in my career. Now the real work begins to improve as a player so that I can crack the lineup in a few seasons time. 



WC: 516

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Nice article! I like the detail and i think you do a great job keeping the reader interested in your story. Maybe bold or highlight some of the more important things in your article. Congrats on getting drafted though! Good luck. 
rating 8/10

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