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MJF Veteran Presence


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Marshall James Frostbeard 
"Veteran presence"

Hailing from Malmo, Sweden!


What it means to be a Veteran on the team? It depends, for us in Malmo, a team with a fresh, new GM and a plenty of youth it means leadership, stability and support. What do I mean by that? Good you asked!  

Firstly, when I look at my role in the team I truly see myself as a person of trust. I want to be there for anyone who needs help, who might be seeking guidance and who might be unsure how to precede with a certain task. I am always ready to help no matter what, no matter who that person is - you are on Malmo, that means you are my friend. I believe in practical approach and I will always be that way!

Secondly, I want to be there for my GM. This might sound a bit odd, but when I look at the team I see that there is a lot to do and sometimes a GM just can't get to it all, especially in the offseason so I am always ready to help younglings joining our squad, always ready to put extra hours in just to be there if I am needed, can be a morale boost and can always advise GM on future path, decisions. 

That said, probably the most important thing about being a veteran in the LR and on the ice is to be an example and I take this very seriously. I think that too many players take their position on the team for granted. It is extremely important for me that no matter who, an opponent or a friend, when they see me on the ice, they should always know that I am there 110%, physically and mentally. I will never give up on a game, on playoff series. That is a thing that I am never letting go. Always be first in the practice and first in the bar with your buddies, teammates on a day when you can just rest, be there always and prove that no matter if it is your first season or your 6th, you have to prove you deserve to be in the league and on the team. 

One extra thing, as a veteran you have to stay positive no matter what - even if you are on 10 game losing stream, you can't start blaming others, be a motivator always, be an optimist for others, always talk about how everything is fine if we keep being a team and work together. I have won a cup and been on the bottom of the standings, I can tell you that it is possible and I am a living proof of it!

I can say however that finding motivation can be difficult and in the end it is about the environment too, you can't stay in the best shape mentally if the team is just not for you and then the best choice sadly is to request a trade and hope for the better winds. Nothing more to it, have to always do what is the best for you and for the team. 

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