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Returning to the primetime.


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It's been rough to adapt to the level of game that this league brings. I know for a fact that I have neglected my side of the cake as I thought that since I've made it, I'll be just going with the flow and things will eventually come. That's wrong and I might've figured it out so, damn, late. You have to work hard to earn it as nothing is granted and there's someone out there who's sneaking in order to get to the position where you are. Now I take the game with respect and hardwork. Miami training camp is up and we're up for primetime hockey this year, we have the guns to put on a great show and show you all that we deserve respect and to be touted as a dangerous team. 

Me and my teammates will do whatever it takes to bring our amazing GM and coaching staff, the pride of winning a VHLM championship. We expect to be upthere, don't count us out.

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