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Vancouver GM Opening


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I am really starting to sound like a broken record now aren't I? After initially indicating he would be staying on as Vancouver GM @Beaviss has indicated to the blue team that his level of interest in the role is not where it needs to be; therefore the league has yet another GM position opening up for next season.


With this being so close to all the other applications we will be once again considering all applicants who applied for one of those jobs. If you applied for these and would rather not apply for the Vancouver position you can let us know below. Likewise if you did not apply for the Malmo / Calgary / Moscow openings, for whatever reason, but would like to to be considered for Vancouver please let us know by replying in this thread. If you applied for Malmo / Calgary / Moscow and want to be re-considered you don’t need to do anything, we have your application already.


*Please do not reach out to the commish team outside of this thread directly, we will approach you.*

**Please do not post to campaign for any of the applicants or any other member. We are aware of who members are and their general qualifications.**


Thank you,


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I didn’t apply for any of the other VHL teams as the usual path is to start from the VHLM and go up to the VHL after a few seasons but the wolves as always been one of my favorite teams as it has a been in Quebec in the past. Therefore, I’ll apply :)

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I apply:


Pros of Eaglesfan:

  • I have been a successful GM before, so you know at minimum I can be competent
  • Yes I may sometimes be a troll, but you know that I always take actual responsibility on here seriously. There is a reason I am in the VHL Hall of Fame
  • An active Eaglesfan as GM is good for the league

Cons of Eaglesfan:

  • People fear how much they love me
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Unfortunate for Beav to step down entirely but obviously if he said his VHL experience was tarnished during his step-down speech of his commish duties, this only made sense to follow. Regardless @Beaviss hell of a run, I loved playing for Vancouver and getting us that cup, though we both wish we could've got more while I was there haha. 


As such, since I was not considered for the most recent opening, I would like to be considered if possible for this one @Beketov


Thank you for your consideration, and @Beaviss enjoy your free time my friend, well deserved. 

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Applying; have been fairly active in the VHL however I don't feel like the VHLm is where I would want to be if in a management role thus never taking the step there. I know that I am a good General Manager, and while there may be reservations due to my lack of experience managing or even being an AGM in the VHL I have vast STHS experience. I was the former Los Angeles Panthers GM in the SHL in the S12-14s and got them out of the horrible cycle they were in. I was a simmer for the SMJHL so I had the engine and do know it pretty well. 


In terms of connection -- I have a deep rooted connection to the Quebec City Meute  Vancouver Wolves. I've always liked the franchise and being drafted there by Beavs has been an absolute thrill. I really enjoy my time in the organization and would love to continue what he has built, and continue what he has built and insure that Wolves will be a powerhouse for many years. Even though it is young in my career, I would love to grow with the franchise and make a lasting mark. 

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