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NY's S77 Draft


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Round 1, Pick 4 (4th Overall) - Zeedayno Chara @Jubis

Some may call this pick a reach, but not in our eyes. Despite being ranked outside the top 5 in total TPE in this draft currently, thanks in part to a later than usual re-create, Jubis is a member we know will be here for the long run, and will be a big part in NYAs future, which is sooner than you may think. Also fills a big positional need. 

NHL Comparable: Zdeno Chara (who else?! 😂)


Round 2, Pick 3 (19th Overall) - Aldwin Craig @Eldredman

A hitting winger who can play a 200-foot game. NY surrendered the most goals in the entire VHL last season, so hopefully adding some more two-way players can help prevent that. Also part of a new NYA trio, to be mentioned later.

NHL Comparable: Matthew Tkachuk


Round 2, Pick 5 (21st Overall) - Brussels Sprout @Liberty_Cabbage

With this pick we were very happy to go with the best player available, that being Sprout. With the FA departure of Brian Strong Jr, depth was needed down the middle, and they can bring just that. There are rumours going around that Brussels Sprout could make their VHL debut as early as this season!

NHL Comparable: Jordan Staal


Round 2, Pick 14 (30th Overall) - Zeljko Ranogajec @ColeMrtz

It was nice to have ColeMrtz back for a day, but Zeljko's stint with NYA came to a quick end once he was flipped to Malmo for The Loch Ness Monster @LuluSalesAway. This completes the trio of NYA G Thadius Sales, the previously mentioned Aldwin Craig, and The Loch Ness Monster, who have all played together prior to entering the VHL. They should be a staple in the top 4 after some seasoning in the VHLM.

NHL Comparable: Marc-Edouard Vlasic


Round 3, Pick 3 (35th Overall) - Tanky @TXC

With a borderline HOF player in his past, we had to take a shot at Tanky, who definitely has the potential to do the same great things that Hulk Hogan did. Meme GFX/60 off the charts.

NHL Comparable: A more talented Mark Borowiecki


Round 4, Pick 7 (55th Overall) - Jordan Heavens @StormJordanYT

A small RW who produced well in a limited VHLM role. We think they can rise the ranks and become a nice depth scorer, however needs some more time to develop in the VHLM.

NHL Comparable: A smaller Mats Zuccarello 


Overall, very happy with how this draft went for us. Hopefully one day we will see all of these players don the White, Red and Blue!

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