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S77 Las Vegas Aces Captains

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First of all I wanna thank everyone who voted for this season's captains. Glad to see people take part with the team. Everyone here in Vegas, even those who may not be as active as others, are still quality choices as captains. However, as the captaincy vote close, the players have chosen... Without further delay, here are your S77 Aces Captains!!


C - @Wolverine

Coming back in his second season as captain, we have Wolverine! He has been a mainstay at Vegas, serving as AGM of the team before mine and Spartan's tenures and has always supported Vegas since. So it's no surprise that this long time Ace comes back as this season's captain. Congrats!


A - @Devise

No onto our first assistant captain, we have none other than Devise. This newcomer to the team will not only provide some defensive stability along the back end, but can hopefully provide much needed offense 5 on 5 and on the powerplay. Unfortunately Dev isn't doing the VHLM sims so he can't rig it for us, but hey! Congratulations on the A.


A - @DreMin15

Last but not least, we have DreMin15! Another familiar face to recent Vegas alumni, DreMin was a force to be reckoned with from Houston as he became Vegas's goalie with his first player Drew Minott. Now returning as the defenseman, Jannik Nylen, DreMin looks to be a key depth role for us this season, and an ever greater role in future seasons. Congrats!!

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