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Matt Thunder veteran presence

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Hey there is Matt, and today I am going to write the matt thunder veteran presence, as I miss a little bit writing some stuff.

But let's not talk about that, I have a veteran presence to write and you need to reed it.


Here I am, writing about me as I'am an old artifact that you can find in a Museum ( maybe the luovre as I'm french, as you can guess I'm not scared by clichés) but let's not talk about me getting older, let's talk about how life is changed, one day i was playing in the city of sins and with some youngs players, now I'm playing in a beautiful city with some more expert players that know how much this league  is hard and how much effort you have to give just to score a goal/ make an assist or just make a save.

The vhlm was different, yes, everybody was kinda equal and so you might think that vhlm is easy and by doing so you may think that also the vhl will be easy, but that, is a fatal error, because you will lower your gaurd and you will do more and more errors, because, as I've said before, this league is really hard, some times you can be unlucky, like everybody, but you just don't need to give up, I've seen a lot of my team mates giving up, but I won't do the same, I love this sport, I love the team that drafted me, I'm really happy with the team mates that i have and I'm proud to be the captain of such an important team in the vhl,  just those four exemples  are already a valid way for not giving up.

Oh I was forgetting this very important exemple, Matt Thunder loves the hard challenges and you can bet that he will fight ( like he does in the league already) till the end, like a true lion ( is this a Riga reference?) , to achive his objectives, like winning the cup or getting in the hall of fame ( even if this is really hard let's face it)


I hope that you guys liked or loved ( even if I think no one will, as you can see I'm very confident in myself) this veteran presence, I know it is maybe too much emotional, but i had this idea since this morning and i just wanted to write it, I hope you guys will have a great end of the day, and we will see us in the next media spot that I will write.


444 words if I'm not wrong.


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