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Gustislav Nasherov - alternate timeline

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The date is January 25th at approximately midnight,

at this time you would think that most of the Europeans would have already gone to bed and maybe have gone into sleeping mode so they can wake up the next day with plenty of sleep.

but that is not what I did, I was browsing the play store for some hockey simulation games to have a good time (this is also when I found the VHL), after downloading the VHL game I decided to make a player and did not expect much to happen after that, about 2-5 min later I got a notification that I had been offered a contract, Juice ( @Juice) the AGM of Mexico had offered me a contract.

The alternative timeline here would be if Juice was sleepy and went to sleep.

No Mexico for me, no Juice helping me understand stuff, no Dylan ( @dylanjj37), no friendship built with those who I met there, and most importantly no European Funtime.

But if I did not get picked up by Juice as a waiver player where would I be? maybe some other team but if I did would I be more or less active? I'm sure that I would be very happy no matter where I went but I feel and think that I could go nowhere better than Mexico, going to Mexico I made a ton of friends and got motivated to take this seriously with a ton of other stuff.

Since juice was the first and only player trying to sign me as a waiver play I wonder where I would go in this scenario I would go to Houston, the powerhouse of S76.

I wanted to go with the powerhouse to try to get my first founders cup with nothing else on my mind. I have heard a ton and I mean a ton of positive things from Houston and other people talking about them and as expected of them they made it to the finals again vs Mexico, note that in Mexico vs Houston I scored most of my playoff points (7) including 1 GW.

What if I was on Houston those games, GW for Houston? No Mexico winning the cup? No #FORHYLANDS ( @Hylands)?

if this had happened none of my awesome friends in Mexico would have been made but I would surely have made a ton of friends in Houston, as I said earlier I wouldn't have someone like Juice but I would have had RJ ( @rjfryman) which I have. heard tons about and I'm sure that I would have had a ton of fun too.

Now my player (Gustislav Nasherv) is in Mississauga but if I would have gone to Houston instead of Mexico would I still be there? probably, but you never know what would have happened, maybe I would get drafted higher or lower who knows? Either way, I am happy that I'm here and can't wait to get promoted to the VHL next season with maybe another Founders cup, either way, I don't care as I've made tons of friends here too.


Claiming for week 4/18 and 524 words


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Great article on your start and what would have happened if not offered a contract by Mexico. It's a great read but the article definitely needs some formatting and breaking up the paragraphs. It's hard to keep focus when it is a wall of text. Picture would have been good as well to make the article stand out more. Great Job! 7/10

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