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VHLM Fantasy Zone (S77W6) - Quarter Finals

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VHLM Fantasy Zone

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It's the last week to win some free uncapped TPE and after that the final four move forward to battle for the Founder's Cup, since the playoffs are a little different the chance to win are different as well. It goes like this.. Correctly guess a series winner and earn 0.5 TPE, guess the correct number of games in one of the selected series and earn 1 TPE. Everybody who has a .5 after their total will round it up to the nearest whole number, so somebody who guesses 3 correct and the series games (2.5 TPE) earns 3 uncapped TPE. Hope everybody understands, good luck to the playoff players and all of our guessers this week!






Tagged the people who answered last week plus the new sign ups that weren't here for it

**If you want to/don't want to be tagged make a post in this thread letting me know so I can edit the list next week**


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Playoff time is the best because so many players win some sweet SWEET TPE, congratulations everyone below and thanks for tuning in if it was the first time or you participated all season, I'm the host 16z and this was another successful season of VHLM Fantasy Zone! See you next time!!


Claim UNCAPPED TPE > Fantasy > VHLM Fantasy Zone (link this post and enter the amount you won with the correct date)


3 uncapped TPE 

@JB123 @iyog @Mashy @Garsh @bluesfan55


2 uncapped TPE 

@Mistxh J @Shane Laz @Vkobe-v @Ahma @qripll @Vat @Seabass @JCV

@MOOSE_ @Otto Numminen @Spartakiller2 @bRaidsz @scoop @Deee.Geee 

@l1l KRZY l9l @McKelvie @Baby Boomer @Big Bob @2hawk @LefLop @ClapbombsRus


1 uncapped TPE 

@STZ @Gwdjohnson @Alex_J32 @Bojovnik @hockeyis66 @PadStack @KC15 @Zetterberg 

 @Minion @TheCHEESE @NerdyCowz @enigmatic @winnytheboom @JardyB10 @Kendrick


Top VHLM Fantasy Zoners (S75, S76, S77)


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