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Jakub Brozik's Prospect Report

Blackhawks' Michal Handzus makes ice time count - Los Angeles Times

Jakub Brozik Scoring, January 7th, 2017




Jakub Brozik, a dynamic playmaker, skilled puck handler, an all-around great player.


Jakub Brozik is a playmaking forward who has good puck-handling skills and a great player in the defensive end.

Jakub is a player who can mesh well with whatever the team needs him to do. This player has practiced his all-around game for this specific reason.

If you need Brozik to play a 200 foot game, he'll play a 200 foot game. If you want him to set up his teammates, he'll set up his teammates. He can do anything, besides scoring that is.

Jakub has never been a good scorer, that is why he has defaulted to a pass-first mindset. However, he can still score. Just don't expect 50 goals from him.

Playing in the SHL, Brozik already has developed his game on a professional level. He will need just 1-2 years in the minors to develop. A solid pick up if you have a late pick.

The only REAL problem that Jakub presents... his physicallity. Jakub is a small-built player. He hasn't been able to lay the body throughout his entire career.

Jakub stands at 5'9", 180lbs. If you want him to lay the body, it'll take a lot of work to get him to do so.


His strongest point, however, his defence.

While it's true, Jakub is a playmaker, he can still do some work in his own zone. Jakub has never been on a good team, so he is used to spending a lot of time in his own zone.

You could stick Jakub on any position, he'd still be a killer in his zone. He is always in the perfect position at the perfect angle. Nothing can get by him.

However, you'll still need to develop his defence. While he is strong in this category, that was the SHL. This is the VHL. He'll need some more training if he wants to get anywhere.

Still, Jakub won't need MUCH work, he just needs a step in the right direction. If he can get that little tap on the shoulder pushing him to the right, he'll be set.


As we wrap up this scouting report for the youngster, we see that this prodigy can do anything and everything you need him to do.

If you draft this playmaker, you'll see that this player will be the right one for you. Make the right choice, GM's.


411 Words.

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Well written and an enjoying read! I would try grouping your sentences into a more of a paragraph format. The way you have this written is a tad harder to read than it could have been. Overall, 7.5 out of 10! Keep it up!

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