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WJC Team USA Logo Reveal!!

Mistxh J

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Dear fellow WJC players and fans,


It is my pleasure to be the GM of such a great squad, although the rosters have yet to be confirmed the one thing that is set, is our new logo!

With a hard, disappointing year in the WJC last season I hope to bring Team USA back on the stage and the re-branding of the team's logo is only just the start!


So without further ado, Here is the new and improved Team USA!!





Here we have our Home Logo featuring the Blue background and the Away Logo featuring the White background









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32 minutes ago, STZ said:

The inconsistency of the thickness of the red parts is bothering the hell out of me..

In all fairness i didnt make it, Z @Zetterberg offered so if you have a problem take it up with him lmao

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