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S78 Ottawa Lynx Captains

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With my first official announcement as GM, I am proud to announce the 3 players that will be representing the Ottawa Lynx's leadership group for Season 78. Leading a new era of Lynx hockey, these 3 players have been very active and embodies what it means to be a member of the Ottawa Lynx.  


C - Bogdan Trunov @qripll

Oh Captain, My Captain. Trunov has been one of the most vocal in the locker room, never shying away from how he feels. I am confident and excited about his ability to lead this team on and off the ice, and it only makes sense as the current longest tenured Lynx to be awarded the C. 


A - AJ Williams @ajwllmsn

Although very new to the team as a waiver-signing, Williams' impact has been felt strongly and immediately. Whether it be pumping up the team or creating awesome Lynx graphics, Williams has a bright future with both the Lynx and in the league as a whole, and he is very deserving of the A this season.


A - Jacob Rask @BostonBruinsFan1806

The last line of defense, our starting netminder, Jacob Rask, is a true class act. Very humble, but is not shy when it comes to stopping the puck. Despite having deep roots in Yukon, he has made the quick transition to become our go-to guy, thus being awarded with an A stitched on his jersey.


For the purposes of the sim, as you can not have a goalie as captain, Shane Lazeski @Shane Laz will be given the 2nd A. Congratulations everyone!


#FEEDtheLYNX :ott:

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