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S78 Theme Week + Trade Deadline

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Hi everybody,


As many of you are aware, this week is Theme Week, with the S78 Trade Deadline coming next Monday, June 14th, at 3PM EDT.


This season's theme will be VHLE. Write about the VHL's newest league, create graphics for it, do a podcast... As long as your submission is about the VHLE, it qualifies for the theme week bonus.


In order to claim the theme week bonus of 6 Uncapped TPE, simply submit your Themed PT (Graphic, Media Spot or 6-TPE Podcast), and claim it as normal. After claiming the PT portion, you can use the same link, and claim the uncapped portion as follows: Claim Uncapped > Other > Doubles Week. (Note: you do not need to post your link in this thread to claim either portion of TPE)


If you have already submitted a Point Task for this week, or are in the midst of claiming a multi-week Media Spot/Podcast, you may still submit a Theme Week PT this week, and claim the capped portion on the next available week, following your multi-week claim.


Also, if you have a single job that pays 6+, you may claim the theme week bonus, so long as you complete your duties for the week. If you are in the EFL or SBA, and have completed their most recent Media Week, you may use that to claim the Uncapped theme week bonus, but a PT must be completed this week in order to claim the Capped portion, whether that is completed here or through Affiliate Welfare.


Note: Only players who are S79, or older, may claim the theme week bonus.





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