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the vhle seen by matt thunder

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Hey everyone, it's me matt, and today for this theme week, I wanted to try something different, I hope you really like, but let's stop talking about it, let me show it to you, so, what do you think, should we jump into it?


host: welcome everybody to Hockey talk, the most important tv show about the best hockey in the world, the vhl, but I want you guys to know that today I'm not alone, no I didn't find a wife good joke guys,   today we have in the studio one of the best phisical defenseman and also one of the best french hockey players  in the league, oh, I was also forgetting that he is the captain of the team of Riga, please crowd welcome Matt thunder!

*some screams from the seats*

So matt, how are you doing? happy to be here with me and all the audiance? you better say yes, or you won't come back  soon, ahahaha


matt: Of course I'm proud to be here, beeing here means that I am someone in the league and that makes me happy, but to be honest I don't think that I am that great as you told the audiance before, you better don't lie or they won't be coming  to your show next time.


host: I am not a lier and don't tell my audiance to do not come at my next show, or you will be the one that will not come hahah, but coming back to the main speech, for sure you aren't that great at fighting but trust me, your hits scare me.

But let's talk about the vhle, the new league that will be created around season 82, so tell me, I know you are a proud european, so the creation of this new league makes you happy, or for you is just something stupid?


matt: that is a nice question, for me the creation of the vhle is something more than good, first of all, we finally give more importance to Europe, as let's not lie, but Europe is really important for vhl or just ice hockey, and it is also important because by doing so, in the vhl there will be the best hockey players from all around the world, basically the vhle will be a filter for good players, good players will pass and not so good players, I hope I don't sound that evil.


Host: Ok I see, I wanted also to ask you something else, what do you think should be the cities to have an hockey club in the vhle? Maybe the biggest european capitals? or maybe some small cities but full of history?


Matt: In my opinion the league should balance this, It is clear that some big cities like Paris, Berlin and ROme need a hockey club, but also small cities deserve one, because I think that the league could come up with some cool names, because even small cities have a long story to tell, wich is not the case in the Usa for exemple.


Host: Ok, so for the last question I will be asking you this, if you could name the teams for Paris, Rome and  Berlin, what name would you give them?


Matt: That's hard, so with paris I would name them les révolutionnaires, because as you might know, in France but mainly in Paris, in the 1789, happened one thing that is  called the french revolution, the Berlin team i would name them the Berlin bears, as the bear is the symbol of the city, and to be honest I find it cool, and finally for the team Of Rome i have a lot of different ideas, for exemple i was thinking to the Rome popes, but you know, I don't think that it will be accepted, so I was thinking about something about the roman empire but to make it more original I was thinking that the name could be in latin, the language that the romans spoke, so the name would be  the Rome imperatores or the Rome milites.

So what do you think? are those some cool names?


host: to be honest I find them really cool, I really hope that the league will notice them and maybe use them


matt: thank you very much


host: well thank you for coming here and for your ideas, but I'm sorry to tell you that for today we are over.

thank you for your time and I really hope to see you again here in Hockey talk, because, I won't lie, it was really nice to talk with you and I want to do it again.


matt: it was also cool for me, I really hope to come again here, as I really loved this show, this audiance and of course the host.


Host: thank you very much, i hope to see you again matt, bye bye


matt: bye bye


*matt leaves the studio*


host: and that was it, I hope you liked it, and see you in the next episode of hockey talk, good bye hockey talk fans, bye bye


*the show ends*


So what do you think of this format? I really worked hard on it and I hope that you guys liked it and didn't find it boring, as I think that it is really different from all the other media spots.

Oh, if you found it interesting, just write it in the comments, so I will make the next media spot just like this.

I hope that you will have a good end of the week, and i also hope to see you guys in my next media spot, but untill then, good bye guys. ( I should find a new way to say goodbye, It is always the same and I don't want to bother you  guys)


1022 words if I am not wrong.

( wow it is the second time that I make a media spot that is long 1000 words, I am really proud of myself, I just hope that this media spots dosen't suck that much just like all my other media spots lol)




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