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Continental Cups, by player and member

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Updated S65



As we know, Leeroy Jenkins leads all players with five Continental Cups. The last player to win a third Cup was Elijah Incognito in S33; no active player has won more than two. Active players who have won two, I believe, are all Davos guys (Bentley, Moher, Olsen, Jones, maybe others).


For members, Victor has caught sterling at eight. Victor had just four when sterling won his eighth in S29, but he has had much success since then. Several members with six or more Cups are active and looking to add to their totals. Tyler, interestingly, didn't win his first Cup until S26 when he helped break Vasteras' curse, and he has added three more since then. James, the poor guy, has still not won a Cup.

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good work, but wanna switch HowHard, to StevenStamkos91 please? :P

I was only 97% sure that you were the same guy.



Pretty sure Pavel Dubnikov, my first player, won with Seattle in Season 12 or something. Didn't win a thing from 12-26 tho lol

You did. I mistakenly credited Manship with that.



Thanks for showing the VHL world I suck.

No problem.

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Yeah, Tordahl got his second with us. That should be his last. ;)

Wow, I at one point told 8O8 that we had more cups than sterling in the time we were in the league, didn't realise I actually caught up him overall. Time to spread the love.

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