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Trivium reflects on a tumultuous career

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"Look," London United winger The Terrible Trivium told reporters early this week, "the fact of the matter is that when you reach a certain age, you realize that you only have so many shots, so many kicks at the can, left in you." The all-time leader in goals, points, and games played for London, Trivium has seen his team come up short time and again.


"We've lost a lot of good players the past few years. Guys like Kevin King and Alec Volchenkov have been huge to help fill those gaps, but we're definitely gearing up for a rebuild. It's a weird time for me, knowing that my time is running out but that I don't want to leave the only team I've ever known," Trivium continued. "I was awful last year, and I freely admit it. I'm always going to be my own biggest critic. Without getting too personal, the stuff with me and Maki (Itoh), hasn't been going so well. The pandemic is a big distraction. Not that I'm making excuses for myself; I'm a professional and need to be at my best day in and day out. But I'm starting to feel my age, to feel the speed of the game catch up to me, or maybe pass me by. I think I have a lot I can contribute, but I need to see if the body will hold up. Mentally I'm in the best shape of my life, especially now that I've got the covid vaccine and things are looking a little better - not great, but better - but the body just isn't what it was."


Trivium took a long pause, studied his hands as if reflecting on his words. 


"I can't guarantee anything at this point. I want to say that I'll score 40 goals and finally hit 100 points, that I'll be able to lead London to a deep playoff run that ends with us hoisting the Cup. But I will do my absolute damnedest to make that a reality."


"We're a young team. We've lost stars like Julian Nousianen, Jacob Tonn, Onde Sandstrom. It's going to take time for our new players to get comfortable in this league. The VHL is the best league in the world. I hope that I'm able to be a leader for this young players, lead by example, and return to form."

"I am not going to go into any rumors or speculation about conversations between myself, my agent, and (London United General Manager) McWolf. I'll tell you that we've talked about my future with the team, and we've expressed our expectations for each other. But anything else from those conversations stays behind closed doors."


"At the end of the day, I want to win hockey games. And I want to be in London. So my goal is to win as many games as possible while still wearing this jersey. I'm sure someone will surpass my numbers some day - King passed my single season goal number last season - but I want to keep building up the career statistics, and be a leader for this squad, whether they're all a bunch of ornery old veterans or chubby-cheeked rookies."

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Nicely written article! I like the style. The quotes/comments have a nice flow. The content is solid. Tough, but an interesting situation to be in as an ''older'' player. As always, the only little point I could suggest for improvement is to add a picture of some kind, but other than that - enjoyable read!

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