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S78 Trivia Week 6 Answers


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1. What season saw the lowest amount of votes to win the Brett Slobodzian Trophy? (1 uncapped to @BladeMaiden)

Since being introduced in S11, Slobo trophy votes fluctuated over the years,reaching a low in the dark days of the 50s, including all the way down to single digit votes for the winner John Locke in S58. Most outsiders get more votes than he did these days.


2. Seattle has just made it to the Continental Cup finals for the 6th time in 11 seasons. But is it true they're not even in the top 3 for all-time finals appearances?

Indeed, the Bears are just very efficient at finals and are rebounding in a big way from some lean decades. They are beaten in finals appearances by Helsinki, Calgary, and *shock* Davos.

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