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Lemieux talks WJC


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“My first international tournament has gone well so far and although we would certainly like to have a better record than 2 wins and 2 losses at the moment, Team Europe is off to a good start.  We had a good first game against the Americans with a 7-1 win but then came back against a tough Asia team and lost 4-2.  We then had two straight games against Canada and won the first one 3 to 1 and then dropped the second one 5-3.  That leaves us with one game against both Asia and the USA and two left against the World who are currently sitting in a tie for first place.”


“As for my own game, I came out strong against the USA with two goals and an assist, but in the next three games, I have only gotten a couple of assists for 2 goals and 3 assists in the 4 games.  I definitely have to play better and generate more offense in the second set of games coming up if we want to land in the top 2 in the round robin play.  The goal is to win a gold medal and bring home the championship so its time for me to up my game and do just that”


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