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Em Em Flex’s draft experience


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This week was the entry of my third player into the VHL draft. My player EM EM Flex took part in the VHLM draft as well. As a goalie, and after scouting possible destinations, I kind of had the feeling that there may not be a whole lot of action or scouting messages regarding my player. In the end about 4 VHLM teams as well as 6 or 7 VHL teams reached out to my player. I’m not sure if I was disappointed in the lack of interest but am really I was not too surprised. I do have A lot to offer and I am hoping that Miami and Seattle respectively are both very pleased with the player that I will become. 

As for my draft experience as a whole and where I ended up being selected I’m quite happy. I spent last season with Miami and even though it was a rough season, I had a lot of fun. Rockstar did a great job keeping spirits high with the focus on the upcoming season as to when we would make our big move. So I’m really looking forward to the season and seeing where we can go as a much more fearsome team , with all our high draft picks. With Seattle, I’m going into a familiar situation as both of my two previous players spent time in the Bears organization. Bana does a wonderful job keeping players active, motivated and most of all, winning. The amount of championships Seattle has won in the past several seasons is quite insane and I’m really hoping that, that run can continue with a few more championships with my goalie back stopping the team. 

There were a couple other teams that I had very good conversations with regarding my being drafted, and in the end while those didn’t come to fruition, they leave me with a good feeling as to them being good places to play in the future.
Looking forward to the season I’m really hoping to establish myself as one of the top goalies in the minor-leagues and proving myself a good draft selection. My numbers from last year definitely leave something to be desired but I think with some luck and more tpe that can change pretty quickly. 

My future with Seattle looks very bright. While there is a bona fide starter in place with the Bears at this time, I think by the time I’m ready to strut my stuff in the pro level, I’ll have a solid opportunity t win the job up there.

I hope to make all the teams that didn’t draft me regret their decision or lack there of, but in the end I ended up quite happy with where I was drafted so there really are no hard feelings in this case. 

The career of Randy Marsh is now a closed book and the career of Dan Wilinsky is very far in the past. I think both had solid careers but definitely fell shorts in the end of any Hall of Fame chances. Perhaps Flex can be the one to break the streak and muscle his way into the VHL Hall of Fame. 

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Great article, very well written and nice to read. It is very fun to see your side of the draft, because at some part we have completely different point of view. Maybe space a little bit more your text to make it less like a big wall of words and also add an image. Overall, you text is incredible so keep up the good work and i wish you i great season.


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