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My Draft Story (and Other Similarly Boring Musings)


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TL;DR: I screwed up.


This season's draft, as many other drafts tend to do, fell on a day when I had other obligations. While I am the type of person to be around these parts quite a bit, I am not the type of person to be able to guarantee that I'll be around at any particular time. And being that as it is, this season, as I have done more than once before, I made a draft list and sent it in to the blue team in case my ever-devoted AGM found himself similarly inconvenienced.


What I failed to take into account was that I should have sent my list in to more than one member of the blue team, as the person I sent it to was also similarly inconvenienced. So, come draft night, I was at a family thing and blissfully unaware that some people were freaking out about what it looked like--that I'd pulled a S69 or a S70 and missed the draft with no prior warning and no backup plan.


I ended up getting who I wanted in the first round, because I'd been fairly open about my plans with other GMs and word had more or less leaked out to the rest of the who's-who of the league about our 4th-overall selection, but our second-rounder ended up being BPA'd...and arguably worse for me, I ended up looking like an idiot in front of the commissioners, other GMs, and the league as a whole, and holding up the draft. And for that I sincerely apologize and acknowledge that I should have had the foresight to get my list out more widely--even though I'd finished it late at night both after and before a tiring morning shift.


I haven't looked at said list since I made it, and I am positively not going to complain about the outcome of our draft because things like that are best left in the past and I shouldn't be saying negative things about my own organization or the players in it. I do, however, find value in being honest, and there's my story for anyone who was (or is) wondering where the hell I was on draft night.


A couple other thoughts because I don't need a .com article this week:

-I was surprised to see Mourning drop to 10th. He would have been my #2 choice if someone went rogue and drafted Peepants before me, assuming Tyler Reinhart was also gone.

-The player I was more or less specifically targeting with my 2nd was already off the board when that pick came up, even though it was a reach TPE-wise. I won't say who it was, but I didn't end up missing out on someone I really wanted.

-We had a 4th round because one existed coming into the draft, but we didn't need one and I don't understand why we couldn't have skipped it. By the time it came up, the last player who had updated had updated 3-4 weeks ago.

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