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Why Lexi Glass Changed Plans


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Why Lexi Glass Changed Plans

Entering the Season 74 VHL Draft, there was a big question mark around Lexi Glass and that question mark was how loyal would she be in the VHL having said she would be chasing the rings or chasing the money. It was widely anticipated that Glass would hit free agency multiple times in her career and potentially leave her drafted team but so far that has not been the case. This season, Glass hit free agency and met with a couple teams before ultimately just deciding to return to Warsaw where she has spent her entire VHL career so far. So what changed?


Warsaw is good!

When Glass was first drafted into the VHL, it was to Warsaw with the 23rd overall pick, much lower than her actual value though the aforementioned free agency potential was certainly a big part of things, and Warsaw was a pretty new team at that time. With the moves that the team made along with a very strong season 74 class turned Warsaw into a very good team pretty quickly and the style of play that the Predators had, more of a fast paced high octane offense made Warsaw into a desirable place to play and well...to stay. There was little reason to leave Warsaw who was becoming the best team in the European Conference of the VHL so for Glass who was expected to chase rings, there was very little to no reason to leave. While Glass has usually found herself on the 2nd line most of her career due to a powerful first line, she has gotten minutes pretty equal to the first line members so playing time has also not been an issue. The pay has been pretty decent as well and Glass has had a bunch of money saved up and enough to sustain her the rest of her career as she gets older so it was never a problem playing for whatever Warsaw could offer. 


Management treats Lexi well!

Not once in her Warsaw career has Lexi ever felt less important than other players on the team. While the spotlight has mostly been about Aloe Dear or Dakota Lamb, Lexi has still been a huge part of the team and has even broken the single season shots record during her career as well which means she is getting the time and the looks on the ice. Management has always been early to try and re-sign or convince Glass to stick around and they have always made the moves to put the best team on the ice since Season 74 when Lexi Glass was first drafted to the team. 


The teammates!

Lexi Glass has been lucky enough to play with a lot of great teammates throughout her career in Warsaw and a big part of why she had not wanted to leave was the quality of the teammates surrounding her in the locker room. Players like Dakota Lamb, Uhtred, Chris Hylands, Tim Waters, and many more. The other teammate who has probably been most important to Glass is Aloe Dear who provides another strong females in the Warsaw locker room. Warsaw's investment of a female locker room has been worthwhile so Glass and Dear can have great time to bond and really get a great chemistry on and off the ice. With Aloe Dear usually making the decisions to stay sooner than Glass, it helped make it an easy decision. If Dear did decide to leave somewhere in free agency, it is possible that Glass would follow suit to keep the girl power strong.


In Conclusion.

It has been a great time in Warsaw so far. There has been zero reason to leave and with 2 seasons left, of course anything is possible but Lexi has had a really great career as a cup winning Predator so far!

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