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I have spent 92% of my VHL career in Davos


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I only counted VHL seasons. VHLM seasons are excluded and not counted. Why? Because Davos is what matters.


I have spent a lot of time playing for HC Davos Dynamo. But how much exactly? Let's have a look.

So far, during my 6 years of being a VHL member, I've had 5 players. Simon Valmount, Diego Jokinen, Alvaro Jokinen, Fernando Jokinen and now currently David Tavau. Out of all 25 seasons I've played, 23 and 6 games* in Davos, so ~92% of my VHL career has been spent in a Davos uniform.

*Valmount was traded in S48 after 6 games to Stockholm. I went inactive somewhere around S48, came back in around S53.


Now, let's take a look at games played, regular season and playoffs. 1800 regular season games played and of those 1590 were in Davos. That's 88.333%, not as impressive as 92%. I admit, I'm ashamed of that. Damn.


Let's count playoff games too, shall we? 85 playoff games in total. 63 of those in real purple. That's 87.7%. The number just gets lower. I much more preferred the 92%. But I will keep recreating. I will be a Dynamo until the end of time. I will be in Davos. I will never leave. Davos or nothing.


What about points though? Shots blocked? I'll keep at it now that I'm this far. Note: all of my players were defensemen other than Valmount.

Points. Career points over all of my players totals: 1327, 1161 points scored in Davos. 87,5%.

Shots blocked: 3122 total. And how many pucks have I blocked for Davos? 2935. Math time. 94,0%. That's more like it. Lots of bruises.



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