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Armani Calamari's draft night

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Armani Calamari shoots another slapshot onto the net. He has been working on practicing his passing and shooting in his local hockey rink so he can be ready for the upcoming VHLM draft. He wiped some sweat off his brown that had come up despite how cold it was in the rink and prepared to shoot another one.


"Hey Armani!" His dad said skating onto the rink despite losing his balance a bit because he has not been able to skate consistently in quite a while "come on you have done enough. Take a break and let's go get something to eat."


"Yeah you are right" Armani said breathing out and stretching "but maybe you should work on your skating a bit"


"Son I am over 50 years old give me a break." His dad chuckled as they got off the ice and headed to a local Tim Hortons for some donuts "so why are you so nervous? You were not really hitting your shots the way you usually do"


"It's just being nervous because of the draft" Armani admits "I don't know where I am gonna be picked so it is weighing on my mind. Plus what if I am not picked at all?"

"Son you have a pluse and you can play. I think you will be picked by someone"


"Yeah I know but the nervousness won't go away. The draft is today after all. I think we should just watch it at home instead of flying to where it is being held"


"Son I am not flying to America right now of course we are watching it at home" they both share a laugh and Armani checks his phone


"Dad! The draft is happening right now!" Armani nearly chokes on his coffee as he notices "first pick already went live! It wasn't me by the way"


"Well then" his dad said as he grabbed a bag he brought with him "good thing I brought the team hats with us!" He then set up a live stream so people could watch them react to the draft. They would unfortunately have a long time to wait in that Tim Hortons as more people  begin to notice who they are amd one person puts the draft on TV. Armani would not be drafted until late in the draft and in the meantime he answered some questions from the patrons


"Yeah I am planning on staying here until I am picked" Armani smiled "I have no reason to leave right now I am comfy." As he eats another donut, his phone rings and it is a call from Ottawa. He motions for the restaurantto quiet down as he answers it "you have reached Armani Calamari"


"Hey this is the GM of the Ottawa Linx how are you doing?"


"I am watching the draft at a Tim Hortons so I am pretty good"


"Haha yeah I saw that you are doing that. Anyways we are about to draft you with our upcoming pick, are you excited?"


"Sir I am ready to prove all those people who did not pick me dead wrong"


"That is what we like to hear!" Aftet the pick was announced on the TV, Armani grabbed an Ottawa hat and celebrated with the patrons and his father.

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12 minutes ago, 16z said:

Donuts from Tim Hortons are too good.. Which kind? Double chocolate and sour cream glazed all day for me


I liked this though, it has detail, a story and the conversation seems very authentic. Nice job!

He mostly eats sprinkle ones with chocolate 

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