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Sales excited for S79

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It’s that time of the year again. While the newly formed VHLE prepares for their inaugural season for one last season, the VHL and VHLM teams find themselves preparing for yet another season. This season, S79, marks the last season without the affiliated Victory Hockey League Europe. With this expansion coming soon the league will look much different, so veteran players are finding themselves cherishing this final season.


To kick off this final season without the VHLE, Training Camp was, as always, a huge success. Players from all over gathered together with their teams and worked hard to identify areas of strength and areas of growth. Players worked with their positional coaches and with the team as a whole. Among those players and teams was the now veteran goaltender for the New York Americans, Thadius Sales.


Sales is entering his fourth season as New York’s starting goaltender, and after this Training Camp, it was clear that he is in much better shape than before. His speed was excellent, his eye while screened was impeccable, and every rebound was either controlled or sent into the corner boards. It’s as if he anticipates this being his best season yet. In seasons past he has held onto a fairly good save percentage, which gets better with every year. 


Career SV%
S76 - .906
S77 - .914
S78 - .919


While the save percentage statistic has gone up overtime, which was Sales’ goal, his GAA average, while still way too high, has gone down overtime.


Career GAA
S76- 3.69
S77- 3.68
S78- 3.27


Sales seemed to be incredibly excited about this season, and this is especially due to the gold medal he earned with Team USA for the World Cup of Hockey. While he only played in one game, it was an impeccable one. Sales ended up with a SV% of .970, a GAA of 1.0 after facing 33 shots. Even though it was one game, if Sales can keep that sort of momentum going into the season, and for the duration of it, New York certainly has a chance for major success this season.


Part of that success comes from two of New York’s newest players. In front of Sales in the defensive zone is his new love interest, The Loch Ness Monster @LuluSalesAway. While we aren’t sure what he sees in her, he certainly has made it known that he enjoys the view when she’s in front of him. It’s hopeful that she’ll be able to stop oncoming team’s momentum and keep Sales from facing too many shots.


Ahead of her, and also coming from the VHLM’s San Diego Marlins is Aldwin Craig @Eldredman. While he is still very young, he served as San Diego’s most prominent player for two seasons, giving him a lot of experience. As long as he can help New York keep the puck in the offensive zone then Sales will have little to worry about.


Overall, it’s safe to say that the New York Americans are looking like a potential cup contender this season, and that’s all Sales wants to see.


“I’ve been the oldest guy on this team since I walked through the door, but many of the guys have been much older in terms of hockey experience. Now, as I’m getting closer to that myself I can see the potential that these younger players have. It’s been years of hard work now, but I’m finally at a place where I can step up more confidently and help my team from more than just the net. The World Cup of Hockey certainly helped me get to this place, and I’m hoping to see that victory carry over into my season.”



612 words, claiming week ending 25 July 2021

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