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Armani is ready for Ottawa


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It will soon be time for another VHL season and Armani Calamari has been working his butt off to improve for his new team at Ottawa. He has had to adjust to the city that he had never lived in or visited before but is now working on a few things in practice. His skating and faceoffs have improved over the offseason and he seems to be taking the right steps towards becoming a top line center. The man himself has done an interview with a local Ottawa newspaper about what he has been working on:

 "Yeah Dad has been a good help when it comes to getting me to improve and I do feel the difference. Ottawa is a place I will have to get used to in the meantime, but the people seem extremely passionate and I like them already for it. Many people here have already come up to me for interviews like this one so I hope I can reward their excitement. Can't say that it does not make me feel a bit nervous however but then again a lot of things can make people nervous and it is normal."

 Armani will be making his debut in Ottawa soon enough and we at Canada Sports wish him the best of luck in his new city.    

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