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Offseason Interview With Donny Carter

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*show's theme song plays and it opens on the set of the sports news show, with the host Joe Smith sitting across from Donny Carter*

Smith: Well welcome back everyone, my name is Joe Smith and I have here with me, Houston Bulls forward Donny Carter. Donny how are you doing today?

Carter: Joe I'm doing great, how about you.

Smith: I'm good, I'm good. Now Donny tell me, how do you feel about your first season being in the books?

Carter: I couldn't be happier with it, I completed the goals I had and while we had a few stretches in the regular season where we struggled, we had a nice upset in the series against uhhh, it was Halifax.

Smith: How were you guys able to pull that off?

Carter: Honestly we got beat pretty bad in those first two games, we went into the third one with a mindset of: Don't get embarrassed. Then we won with a bit of authority and thought, "Hey we could get back into the series!" We keep pushing and win game 4. The game 5 loss hurt but then we fought back and won game 6. Then, game 7 you know what happened. We got pucks in deep, played as hard as we could and pulled off the upset. That was not the expectation for us going into a series against the top team in the league, so winning that series made the whole season a success. Thankfully our expectations weren't too high and even though we got swept in round two, we were still really happy about that upset. Now we are heading into this next season and we are looking ready to make a run next season.

Smith: That upset was probably one of the most interesting and entertaining series of the entire playoffs. I'm very excited to see what the Bulls have coming for next season. Now let's shift gears and look at the VHLM draft. You and the Bulls lost some key players but management was able to keep you. Thoughts?

Carter: It did hurt to lose Baardo, he was a key addition to the team and not getting him back will definitely be a hit. I am happy that Houston management decided tp bring me back, I had a lot of fun on this team last year and I think there's a lot more I can bring to the table in my sophomore year.

Smith: How about the major leagues draft? You were selected 22nd overall by Riga, how was that for you? And do you think you are going to be going to the majors after next season?

Carter: Well I was very pleasantly surprised to be selected as high as 22nd, and I'm already getting acclimated to the locker room. I'm happy to have some Bulls teammates from last season on that squad, with Jugsy and Mik. Those guys are really skilled and while I do hope to hit majors next season, if my game needs more development by the time next season rolls around then I'll do one more season in the minors, hopefully with the Bulls.

Smith: Well Donny it's always a pleasure, and I can't wait to have you on here again!

Carter: Like always thanks for having me Joe!

*show's theme song plays and it fades to commercials*



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