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Minion Presents #4 Release the hounds

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Minion Presents #4 Release the hounds

Welcome to Minion Presents number four. For all of you who live under a rock Season 79 starts today depends on when you are reading this and the hounds. I will be going over all the players on the hounds to hype them up for the season. Here we go. Sorry dark theme user.

AJ Williams 

RW-VHLM Drafted: 1st Overall (S79)


Right winger Aj Williams was Drafted first overall in the VHLM draft  Aj was is already 250 TPE and is gonna be a force to be reckoned with in the season. Last season Aj had 22 goals and 56 points on the season. AJ will also wear the A this season for the hounds. All I can say is watch out this player can hit you like an avalanche with his skills ;)

Baby Bob

RW-VHLM Drafted: 28th Overall (S78)

Bob is another member of the hounds who is at 250TPE and as far as I now plans to play the whole season with the hounds. This will be his second season with the hounds last season he had 32 goals and 75 points a little more than a point per game, which is a great stat

Otto Numminen

C-VHLM Drafted: 15th Overall (S78)


Otto is the best center on the team as of right now and bought what the hounds need to the table a second center with 250 TPE otto will be the biggest center on the team this season by far (until Minion catches up). Last season Otto had 12 goals and 72 points, Otto also lefted the cup with yukon being one of the couple players not to make the jump after winning ths cup.

Sigard Petrenko

RW-VHLM Drafted: 20th Overall (S79)


Sigard is another new player to join the hound though the draft in the off-season. Sigard is the fourth and final forward on the hounds to be at 250TPE as of right now. Last season Sigard had 19 goals and 37 points with houston.

Gaspar Zakrevsky

LW-44th Overall (S74)


A bit of a vhlm veteran playing five VHLM season yes that right this will be his six. Gaspar won the cup last season and is the second player on the hounds who hasn’t made the VHL after winning a cup. Gaspar had 51 goals for 108 points last season. 

Nathaniel Minion

C-VHLM Drafted: 17th Overall (S78)


Nathaniel(A.K.A my player) was the captain of the hounds in Season 78 and is happy to say will wear the C again in season 79. Minion is still looking for his first every VHLM tittle and hopes to get it done this season. Minion had 51 goals and 99 points last season.(231 TPE after the artical)

Vinny Detroit

LW-21st Overall (S79)


I don’t have much on vinny as he only played 19 games last season with 1 goal and four points. However with 215TPE he will be a player to watch out for on the hounds.

Russell Dixon

RW-79th Overall (S76)


Russell now playing his fourth VHLM season and second with the hounds he join after being traded to the team early in season 78 and was played great with minion. He had 23 goals and 62 points that season. Glad to see him back with the hounds this season.(195 TPE)

Jakub Brozik

LW-VHLM Drafted: 25th Overall (S78) 


Jakub is another returning member of season 78. Jakub played with minion and also scored a crazy amount of points with 81 and only 18 of them were goals. Jakub did disappear for a bit towards the end of last season however he is back and stronger then every for this season.

Florida Man

RW-24th Overall (S79)


Just like Vinny florida is a very new players so I don’t have much info on him. I do want to change his name to Ontario man tho(sorry) any ways he had 7 goals and 12 points on the season last year.

Andrew Whitemore

D-32nd Overall (S78)


Andrew currently has 138 TPE, last season andrew had 10 goals and 30 points. Great for a dman. He is going to be a big name player this season with the hounds being one of their only four dman. He also had 10 hits and 20 shots blocked

Corey Kitson

D-3rd Overall (S79)


Just like Florida man, Corey is very new to the league and I don’t have much info on him yet, however with (185 TPE) get ready to hear his name, he had 17 points last season and 8 of them were goals.corey had 45 hits and 41 shot blocked.


Sven Eightnine

D-8th Overall (S79)


Sven is another meber of the team who already has a ring. Its almost like Z was just stealing player from yukon. Anyways back on topic. Sven managed to get 50 hits and 20 shots blocked in 19 games to go with his 1 point. Watch out for seven this year with his 159TPE. Also Sven will join minion and aj on the captain squad with one other player. 

Tony Adams

D-4th Overall (S79)


The last member of the defence core for the hounds. Tony is also going to be a huge member of the hounds. Tony has 160 TPE. last season tony played for yukon(another one) and already has final experience he had 2 goals and 4 points last season with 23 shot blocks.

Luke Spinelli

G-94th Overall (S75)


He is back baby Luke played for the hounds from season 75-77. He had the heart break of losing to miami in season 77 and looks to get revenge this year. With 249 TPE he may get it done. Luke has a career Save percentage of 0.884 and Goal against average of 3.30. In his career he has 113 wins 94 loses and 11 over time loses. Luke also will be the fourth and final member of the captains wearing the A as well. And yes on the Ice we don’t care if you don’t like that.


Interview with Z

I have one more trick up my sleeve for season hype for the hounds and it a interview with their GM Zetterburgh. I’m going give you the exact interview.

Minion: “What do you think of the team you built this year? do you think they have them in it to win the cup?”

Z: “I think the team has come together really well. The guys have gotten to know each other and I can tell everybody is ready to give it their all this season. I’m very happy with the direction the team is headed and I definitely we have a very good chance at separating ourselves from everyone else in the standings. Can we win the cup? Of course we can, I think we are easily the favourites this season. It just comes down to if the team works well with each other and we don’t choke under pressure.”

Minion: “thank you one more question. How important are the early season games?”

Z: “I tend to look at them as a warm up. Don’t get me wrong they are definitely important to do well in but I find the later in the season games once players and teams have grown become more important. Those games show a lot better how hard the challenge is going to be come playoff time when the games matter the most.”

Minion: “alright thank you for your time”


Alright I want to thank every body for reading Minion Presents #4 if you are not hyped for the hounds this season well then I cant fix that. I hope every time has a great season this year and look forward to hearing you guys view of the article feel free to tell me what you think. Number five should be up in three-five weeks I just need a new idea.


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Review: I like the idea, but what I like most about this is the formatting. It would have been real easy to make this ugly and hard to read, but the spaced out and different sized text is good, and using sigs is a creative spin on it. I guess for a critique I would say squeeze a little more into each description for more words, but that's up to you in the end.


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