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S78 Prague Phantoms Team Awards (& Special Presentation)


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S78 Team Awards



With high hopes going into S78, the Prague Phantoms had a bittersweet campaign. They came within two wins of advancing to the Continental Cup Finals but lost in six games to the eventual champion Warsaw. Thus, the Phantoms were unable to secure a Cup for captain and franchise cornerstone, Thomas Landry II @Doomsday before his retirement. As a consolation prize, he’ll have plenty of team awards and records to his name.


Here are the S78 Prague Phantoms’ Team Awards as voted by the players and management:


Best Defenseman

Battre Sandstrom @Acydburn


The third-year Swede was the offensive leader from the Prague blue line, pacing Phantom defensemen with 16 goals and a career-high 58 points. He was also second on the team with 27 power play points, a +17 plus/minus rating and 137 blocked shots.



Unsung Hero

Robert Bouchard @Gaikoku-hito, Dominic Gobeil @Domg5


On a team this deep, many players can be overlooked and while eight players received votes for the Unsung Hero award, two players tied with three votes each: Robert Bouchard and Dominic Gobeil, who finished third and fourth on team scoring respectively, will be sharing the award, each a first time winner which is fitting as the two have seemingly been linked since both being drafted by Prague in S75 although they are very different players. Bouchard had a breakout season scoring career-highs in goals assists and points, plus/minus and shots. His 35 goals were second on the team and he was a fantastic 52.68% in the dot, taking over 3000 draws. Gobeil is as steady as they come, producing his third consecutive 70-point 100-hit season. He also hit 30 goals for the second straight year and led the team with a +20. Both players were also fixtures on the power play, each scoring 20 points with the man advantage.



Most Energetic

Dominic Gobeil @Domg5


Gobeil won his third straight Most Energetic Award, a testament to his drive on the ice and his positive energy in the locker room. If Landry II is the heart of the Phantoms, Gobeil is its lungs, constantly breathing fresh oxygen into an emerging team whether it’s giving it all during the games or keeping the team motivated and energized.





And now we will continue the awards a bit differently than past years. The next four awards: Most Gentlemanly, Most Valuable Player, Phantom of the Year, and the 3-Stars Award have been won for the third consecutive year by the same player. This player has been with the Phantoms his entire career and is now retiring from the VHL, but not first without creating a legacy that extends beyond the arena and beyond Prague. Please turn your eyes to the screen for a very deserving tribute…




Thomas Landry II (5th Overall - S71, S71-S78)



From the moment Landry II announced he'd be going to the VHL, I had my eye on him. Throughout his whole time in the VHLM, all the way through to the moment he hung up his skates, he was a player I wanted in this franchise, whether as a prospect early on or as a player for the rest of his career. I'd had a pretty close relationship with Landry I back in the day, and if his son was half the player he was, he was going to be a fantastic VHLer - turned out he was far better than I could have imagined. He's definitely the best forward in franchise history, and arguably the best player on the whole (although Block, Perrin, Stansson Jr, and Wahl might have something to say about that). It's a shame we couldn't bring him a cup, but he did lead us to our farthest ever playoff appearance, and his whole career he embodied the notion of nothing is over until the whistle. The man is a legend, and I'm honored to have had the privilege of managing him over the years.

~ Prague GM Jason Glasser @diamond_ace ~



He was an amazing captain, was also there to help you improve your player and was always a big locker room presence! It was definitely an honour to play my whole career with him and I wish him the best!

~ Zachariah Kisslinger (Teammate S75-S78) @Kisslinger~



Landry II wasn't only a great team mate but a great leader on and off the ice. Teaching myself and I assume many others the way to be a true professional. His impact in Prague will live long past his playing career as the current players will pass along the knowledge that he pass onto us. Hopefully making every player that plays for Prague that much better in the long run. It has been a pleasure to play with Landry II and his lasting leadership will continue to be evidence in the Prague for futures to come. Cheers to a great career Landry II, and may you enjoy your retirement.

~ Robert Bouchard (Teammate S76-S78) @Gaikoku-hito~



I had the pleasure of playing in Prague with Lands for 4 seasons. He is truly an exceptional hockey player and leader. He was a role model for me on and off the ice. Proud to have been a teammate as long as I was.

~ Gary Tarantino (Teammate S72-S75) @Garrett~



The second half of his career was impressive. He grew from an underrated forward after his rookie season into a franchise player Prague needed to compete, and frankly I'm honestly surprised he didn't win any awards -- especially in season seventy six -- but I suppose those cards just weren't dealt this time around. I wish him all the best in retirement, he can come fishing with me anytime.

~ Erik Killinger (Fellow S71 Draftee – 11th Overall) @Peace ~



One of the best captains I have ever played for. It's sad to see that we weren't able to go all the way in his last year.

~ Silas LeFriend (Teammate S76-S78) @yevty ~



Coming to Prague was a stressful time for myself coming from Houston. First teammate I met after landing was Landry who helped me get adjusted to the city and the team environment. It was great getting to know him and I'm grateful I got to play with him during these seasons.

~ Riley Knight Gee (Teammate S74-S78) @KnightRiley ~



Landry II was probably the best player I played with in my career so far and his lost left a hole in the team. He will also be remembered as one of the top picks in VHFL seasons after seasons and he completely deserves to have his number retired in the Phantoms franchise.

~ Dominic Gobeil  (Teammate S76-S78) @Domg5 ~



What can you say about Thomas Landry II? A few things come to mind: all-star, leader, face of the franchise, hype man, gold medalist. Easily the greatest Phantom of all time on and off the ice. He elevated the play of everyone who was lucky enough to hit the ice with him but not just that an absolute stand up human off the ice as well. There's some huge skates to fill here and no doubt the team MVP award has his name solidified on it. It was a pleasure playing with him and I wish him the best of luck going forward! If we win a championship in the next foreseeable future it will be fully dedicated to him. Thank you everything that you've done! We are all better players for having played with you.

~ Dan Baillie Jr (Teammate S74-S78) @wcats ~



Landry, congratulations on a full 8 season career as a member of the Phantoms. Landry II just brought a lot of energy right from the get go since he got drafted. Not only did he hit everything that moved, score big goals and give it his maximum effort every night on the ice but off the ice he was a fun guy to be around and everyone was just naturally drawn to him as a leader in the locker room even as a rookie. I'm very proud of seeing the career he's built in Prague, he's a Phantom legend and to me he's our GOAT so far.  I consider myself lucky to have had to pleasure to have played with Landry II and I will always consider him a friend.

~ Seabass Perrin (Teammate S71-S73, S75) @Seabass ~



From the first day that Landry set foot in the locker room, we all knew he was going to be something special. Prague was always a close knit family, but this rookie came in with such a swagger that you could tell he meant business, and his personality fit right in with everyone. It didn't take long for him to slide into the first line, and he very quickly became the proud face of the franchise. Prague is a much better place having Landry around, and he will be greatly missed.

 ~ Cinnamon Block (Teammate S71-S75) @omgitshim ~



Landry, congratulations, buddy, on your retirement! We sure had some fun times, didn’t we? When I was traded mid-season in S71, everyone in Prague was amazing to me but you and me, you being a rookie and me only in my second season, we bonded and it was a hell of a ride. I was hoping you’d get that Cup before you hung them up. If you keep anything with you though, take Phamily. You helped create a forever Phamily here in Prague and once a Phantom, always a Phantom. So many people will be proud to say they played with or against Thomas Landry II. You’re a legend and more importantly, a great friend. Enjoy retirement! You deserve it. Thanks for the memories!

~ Ondrej Ohradka (Teammate S71-S75) @animal74~



Captain Thomas Landry II finishes his career 1st or 2nd in most Prague all-time statistical categories including the career leader in goals (265), points (600), hits (1685), and game-winning goals (48). He is the winner or co-winner of 21 Team Awards and finishes his career 67th VHL all-time with 1685 hits and tied for 65th with 72 power play goals. The Phantoms would also like to announce the Team MVP Award which he won the last four seasons will be named the Thomas Landry II Award.


Thank you for joining our special presentation! Good night!

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  • animal74 changed the title to S78 Prague Phantoms Team Awards (& Special Presentation)

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So many wonderful memories and friends over eight VHL seasons, all nicely wrapped up into one beautiful post. @animal74, you sure know how to make someone feel special. This is the true reward of spending a career in one place. 


Love my Phamily, and I can't wait to see you guys lift that Cup!!



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