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Artyom Suvorov drafted by Philadelphia Reapers

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Review: Nice and simple. Consistent color scheme and nothing distracting to take away from the goal here. I like how the text is just outlined over the player. I would have liked to see the team logo added somewhere.

Good luck to you and the Reapers this season.

Rating: 7/10.

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I will agree with what the reviewer above me said about the simplicity and with that ticking all the boxes that such graphic should do. Unfortunately for me the whole picture is little bit too pale. I dont mean that I want some crazy colour schemes now, but I kind of would like to have a little bit of personality by adding some parts that do stand out, besides the text. The stick could have stayed in the original colour or indeed as the person said above - a logo could have been put in the background as the design itself is nice, but it has too many empty spots for me. It almost feels like this is a templated design that any team could use by just adding their logo in the background and changing the colour scheme to the teams colours.


My rating: 7/10

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