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Hello chatroom, it is I, rory. Jeffrey Pines has taken on a new identity recently so I thought I would say some words about it so I can use them instead of a PBE point task this week. Once Josh returns from his ancient slumber, Jeffrey Pines will be a metamancer defenseman. I feel dirty, like my soul has been tainted by an unknown evil. 99 defense, 99 scoring, 99 puckhandling, 40 PASSING!?!?!?!? @Motzaburger, the man who made me a crusader for good in the world (a passing build), would be so disappointed in me.

Anyways all this because LA got absolutely betrayed and the team will never recover from the loss of fan favorite player, Kikko Moskinen. Kikko, if you're reading this, we miss you. Please return to the website and sign with us even though we don't have the roster space, nor cap space for your player. Your legendary VHLM experience will carry us to the cup.

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