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Genghis Khan Conquers America

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After being deemed to dangerous to be left in the VHLm Genghis Khan is making his way to the pro leagues. That's right VHL, watch out.


Khan is looking to put an old myth to the test. After hearing that players in a different league were able to become in elite in an extremely short period of time simply by focusing on puck control, shooting and positioning Khan has built his entire training regiment around those three tenants. Will his plan be fruitful in creating a career with minimal effort? Time will tell, but as of right now it's clear that he's a prime scoring threat. The manager of the New York Americans informed him just hours after signing that his shot is so dangerous that he'll be playing the point on the power play this season. In my opinion that's an excellent spot for Khan to be played. Just by looking at his stats you can see that Khan is the kind of player you want to have shooting the puck regularly. Every season his goals scored have been on pace with his assist numbers, and in S77 he scored 53, that's not a typo, 53 goals and 50 assists. You're not going to find a higher offense player than him with so little time put in at practices or the gym.


So what's Khan going to be working on this season? Defense. His shot is already top notch, it's time to learn the professional level of play's systems to make sure he's in the right spots to break up plays, create odd man rushes and be in prime scoring position as often as possible. You're never going to see him laying the body or killing penalties but by golly Khan is going to create offense in every way possible even if it means blocking a few shots to send the puck back up the ice.


Where does Khan fit in on New York? Firmly on the 3rd line. And to be honest, he's fine with that. Before this signing there were talks that Khan could be in limbo without a team to play on. Word is that there were several factors that led to Khan ending up in New York though. To start with, Khan's agent had put a public release on social media essentially begging GMs to find a spot for him on their rosters and in their accounting tables. Not exactly a great place to be in terms of leveraging dollars but if that's your only option you have to use it. The VHL front office noticed that there were in fact more than a few players in the same position as Khan though and opted to apply pressure to GMs to start filling out their rosters behind 1st and 2nd lines. With that came a less interesting tidbit of information but a neat little factoid nonetheless. It turns out that Khan actually has a family tie to the New York Americans through their GM. Have you heard that nearly 8% of people are genetically related to Genghis Khan? (https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/article/mongolia-genghis-khan-dna)  Well who would have thought, but the GM @Esso2264 is actually a long decedent of his. Try telling the ruthless and maniacal conqueror of Asia whom you're related to that you don't have room for him. Yeah, yikes. Finally Khan happens to be very good friends with ex-teammate in the VHLm @Shiny. What a whirlwind of factors that led up to this signing.

What should we expect from Khan in New York? Goals. Lots of them. We'll be watching closely to see how all of this unravels.


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