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My draft story in audio form


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God damn these drivecasts are blowing up! Seriously everyone, don’t die, I would be physically sick with guilt.


“At least they asked you to re-roll your player.” I laughed at loud at this.


I also got that Bananadick early summer feeler. I responded pretty quickly, but forgot about it until now.


 You would have been a good fit on Davos! We could really use a good forward. @GustavMattias trade me. (Actually in hindsight, I wonder if trading down would have been a solid play if anyone could have predicted your slide that far).


Conversely, I really LIKED the idea of going to Moscow for the exact same reason!


No one else scouted me so that’s no fun. I suppose Riga did need a defenceman a bit more than a forward.


I don’t think there’s any reason you should have fell past Riga though. I can see Seattle wanting to keep their pick in the minors I suppose, but still insane you went after those three scrubs!


Malmo is a very good team, so that’s a big pro to falling in the draft. Plus you can say “I  told you so” when you make HOF.


No, Davos will destroy you.


 Don’t lie to us, you are Streetlight. 

JardyB10 was actually a very stupid and rather low key racist username origin. But Jardy B himself ended being a great player so it has worked out.


I’ve always enjoyed your podcasts, so I look forward to scoop’s Scoop!


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