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Seasonal Reminder: First 15 games =/= the entire season


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Warsaw, Poland - A narrow win over the Moscow Menace was followed by a crushing 8-4 loss immediately thereafter. It was a miserable performance all around, featuring a second line that went -4.


"Here's your seasonal reminder: do not pay too much attention to the first ten or fifteen games. They're always misleading," veteran and assistant captain Aloe Dear stated, beaming, "and remember Toronto from last season or Malmo from several seasons ago - a handful of early wins don't make you a world-beater."


"We've been very bad and championship material on separate occasions over the last several seasons," she continued, "I'm under no illusion that the first 20% of the season somehow projects on to the rest perfectly. A 10-1 start can just as easily finish with fifty-plus losses. A forward sitting on top of the leaderboard fifteen games in can end up with 40 points in the end."


"All that being said, you won't see me staring at stats this season. I just want our family here in Warsaw to get wins. I'm looking forward to facing someone other than Moscow, that's for sure - as cold as it gets in Poland, it's nothing like Russia. No thanks!"

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