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My experience of joining the VHL and other leagues I’ve joined


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Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve done a article, but who can resist that oh so sweet triples week, and just a day before you can no longer claim it as well. Anyways I decided to write about what it was like for me when joining the vhl and some of the other leagues and community’s I’ve discovered through the vhl and it’s members.


When I joined the vhl in last October I was just someone trying to get a peak at the new nhl 21 game at the time on some persons channel who i’d never seen before. Now I couldn’t tell you who it was since I don’t remember now but the way he explained the VHL and his words when he was reading the script for the paid ad really got me interested in what the VHL was. 


The VHL was something I hadn’t seen before, an online hockey league that wasn’t based on the EA brand hockey games, with its own game engine and community.


I wasn’t the only one who also saw this ad and took interest into the VHL as my draft class (S75) was a relatively large draft class compared to other seasons. Sadly it doesn’t seem that many players from there still are around since according to @rjfryman draft class stats I’m 1 of 50 some players still updating weekly.


The learning curve for getting into the VHL for me was almost discouraging as the forum was very intimidating with all its different forum topics, I didn’t know what I had to do on there, and what the difference of the portal and the forum was. Thankfully I had an absolutely amazing GM @DMaximus  who basically held my hand and guided me on how to properly create and become apart of the VHL(M). 


Since then I also won a founders cup with dmax’s Philadelphia Reapers and was drafted to the Los Angeles Stars (and later traded to Moscow apart of a trade package that didn’t even include me until Josh and Spartan got close to closing the deal according to the official Spartan).


I’m now a proud on and off earner, welfare baby, and everything else. Now that I’ve briefly explained my  experience of joining the VHL. It’s time for me to shoutout some of the leagues that I’ve discovered and some also become apart of through the VHL.


Now it’s not many since I’m still not too old to the league but first off is the EFL. I was recommended to join by multiple members within the Moscow locker room. After a couple of weeks of contemplating I said whatever and joined the EFL, creating the legendary KICKER, Sugon MyNutz. Who after a couple of days of not getting a offer and just invited to join one locker room, who soon shitcanned their entire management, decided to retire. Yup I joined the EFL for less than 2 weeks, didn’t get an offer, and left. Their loss, Sugon would’ve been a legend. Although their trading card system in their discord was certainly something interesting.


The second league (which sadly rests in peace) was a short stint put on by a sometimes rebellious member, hank. He created his hockey league, which in the end was an absolute dumpster fire mainly because of his poor leadership. I can’t remember the name of the league but he had something like 15 teams and games would be simmed on Zen GM Hockey. I also will not be afraid to mention I was a GM of one of the teams, the Dublin Potatoes, best god damn team name there was I can’t believe no one wanted em. Each user could have a total of 4 players and earning was all the over the place, it was a mess, and totally overwhelmed hank, which also lead to him treating his equals in the league like shit. For a while they had something going but his cardboard and glue framework for the league just couldn’t hold it together and he lost it.


Anyways the “league” didn’t make it to its first game and was shitcanned, along with its server overnight while everyone was sleeping. The only reminder of the league is a Reddit post somewhere out there asking where the league had gone after they must have read the advertisement for the league on Reddit.


Lastly the most recent league that I have joined and very much like. It’s not like the others, you aren’t a player, it’s not run by a shitty management team, and its community isn’t as toxic as others. That league is the Hockey Dynasty. Hockey Dynasty in a hockey GM league, that is browser based and completely original, since it had been solely coded for the purpose of the league. Everything about the website is honestly spectacular, it brings so many more aspects to GM’ing than other competitors for it like EA’s GM mode. And it’s less complicated than EHM (I’M A NOOB AT EHM DON’T FLAME ME) Plus this league is completely online so for the most part every team you would play is ran by another person somewhere out there in the world. Unless it’s a ghost team that has no owner, but other than that you get the point. I would highly recommend this league, it’s unique, challenging, and the community is very welcoming of new people and is always willing to help.


I would love for this league to become a VHL affiliate or something of that nature since it doesn’t really have anything for earning, but that’s for the high ups to figure out 😆 


But if you have a passion for becoming a GM, I’m not sure if this is quite similar to how it would be in the VHL but you should give it a shot


Anyways this article was much longer than I expected it to be and all typed on phone miraculously as I’m on my 10 hour journey to southern france. Anyways thanks for maybe reading all this and you can catch me claiming my teeps.


Here’s the discord for Hockey Dynasty and their website.







1025 words, 2 weeks


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58 minutes ago, N0HBDY said:

just a day before you can no longer claim it as well

By all means claim it but this isn’t strictly true. The post will lock but as long as you’ve commented in the post within the week you can claim the rewards any time before the trade deadline.

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Sad to hear your EFL experience wasn't much. It's a fun league, and if you earn steadily you can go places...I don't blame you for dropping out of it based on your experience with it though. I'm sure you would havel found that it's a cool community if you were actually given a fair shot (maybe people just don't like kickers). 

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It's always quite interesting to read about people's experiences with joining a new league and how that compares to other leagues. It's also interesting to compare this player leagues to the more GM driven ones. Obviously the experience is quite a bit different there. This was a well written article! Well done!



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