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Sullian O Julivan ready to succeed


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The San Diego Marlins have another new guy on defense, ready to take over and do well for them. Sullian O Julivan joined them this week, with the hope of doing well in this league. He was recruited directly by the GM of the team, Thad Thrasher, who had nothing but positive things to say about the league and team. Hopefully Julivan can create some great forces on defense and help the team this year and potentially further into the future. 


I am not entirely sure how much I will enjoy this league yet, but for now I am committed to helping this team win and hopefully that leads to some fun conversations in the locker room and maybe I meet some new cool people from this league this way. I am curious how the draft process will go here as well. I am not sure how the system is set up yet, but I am excited to see how that process will go.


As for my player, Sullian O Julivan is a defenseman like I said, and I think I will focus a lot on the defensive side. Obviously that makes sense for it. I think I will also try to help out on the offensive side though and give some good passes and maybe even score a few goals. 


When it comes to hockey, I definitely love being a team player and I want to be able to help the team win, that's the most important part. Especially since I really like my GM and want to help him out on his quest to making his team better. We shall see how the actual season goes. I am not really sure what the goal is for our team, whether we are in a spot to win a championship this year, but I will try my best to improve our chances anyway.


I don't think I know any of my teammates yet, so that will be interesting to see who is also on this team and does well. Hopefully we can have some guys who earn well and improve over this season. Obviously in the minor league there is a lot of variance and even a little TPE helps improve you a ton already, since the TPE are so low and cost so little to improve, even the tiniest amount can make you so much better already.


To sum it up, I am here to stay and hopefully help the San Diego Marlins achieve some awesome seasons and maybe I can make a decent player for once in a hockey league too. Would be awesome if I could actually do well. Though I am not entirely sure yet which statistics I will care about most. I guess I will wait for a week or two and check out how my player is doing first and then if he is doing well, I can already tell which stats I will be good in. 


Hopefully next week I will have a more interesting topic to talk about but I think this was a decent introduction!

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Welcome to the league! Nice article. The structure is solid, the article is easy to read. A picture would have been nice but other than I can't think of anything I would change or add, good job!

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