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Thoughts on my 2 drafts


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I wanted to share my thoughts  on the recent VHL draft, as well as my experience versus the first time around. Roll back the clock about 2 years ago, I was finished my rookie season in Ottawa with Joakim and there were a couple of goalies emerging out ou our draft class. I was looking like 2nd out of the class and a pretty sharp drop off after me. No where in my mind was I worried about not getting drafted at all, or worried about falling, eventually a team who was in a position to start a goaltending prospect would pick me up, of that I had no doubt. 

The draft played out pretty logically, I was the second goalie taken and went in the second round to Davos where I would go on to be a backup for a few seasons, starter for a couple and finish off my career as a backup again. I had no problems with how the entire career went, goalies are in very limited demanad so naturally if you want to be a long time starter you have to put in max effort.


Moving along to Miroslav, I wanted to take a similar relaxed earning approach (I would argue I have been doing so, in no way am I a max earner) and enjoy some more team success and participation than what happened with Joakim. I want to win a cup. I didn't get the chance and don't think we ever really got too close to this last go around, and seeing what looked like the same teams at the top and same at the bottom through countless draft rebuild cycles was a difficult pill to swallow. Hell, even if I wanted to leave my hands were pretty tied as a backup goalie.


I said I wanted to move to Tsarov and went right back to Joakin lol. For real this time, with Tsarov although I have not been a max earner and have no plans to do so I have been consistent, which I think the VHL needs to value a lot more than spiky max earners when they are looking for players. Granted if you have a shot to get a known quantity in a old user who will be max earning for a long period, and they can be trusted because they have done so before and know what exactly they are signing up for, great! pick them high and early. In our class I felt like we might have had 3 of these users, and a few new ones that should be so highly touted. I was also a first round pick, so that in itself surprised me. Moving on up!


The one think I have as a constructive thought is up until the day before the draft I had been scouted by a grand total of 2 teams. Only 2 had reached out. Now, the day before a 3rd team reached out, and then the day of the draft 2 teams reached out, but my sticking point is on those 2 teams, let's be nice and expand it to 3. I know I'm not on the league discord, but please tell me if you think I'm wrong, it's easy enough to reach out via forum PM and the amount of insight you can get I think can be really constructive when you are conducting your draft, Now, some teams were familiar with me, so maybe they didn't want to expend energy to reach out, some didn't have any picks at all until rounds 3 or 4 and maybe they assumed I'd easily be gone by then. I watched a lot of teams who I did not talk to make picks around where I went and can't help but think. I hope they are happy with their picks. I'm very happy to be in Malmo, one of those earlier 2 teams to reach out and looking forward to my final minors season before moving on up to the big leagues!

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Congratulations on getting drafted! Hopefully you have a lot of fun in Malmo. I liked that you divided into paragraphs the text, it made it very easy to read. I would recommend putting some pictures in some spaces or changing the color or make bold or italic words, so the text doesn't seem like a block of text. I really liked to hear your thoughts and keep these kind of articles coming!



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