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Ice cream makes you feel good


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As hockey players, we spend a lot of time on the ice. It's a pretty cold place, but over time you get used to it. And as hockey players we love ice in all forms. Shaved ice is awesome too. But my favorite form of ice is ice cream and I think it really inspires my player to do better on the ice. My favorite flavor of ice cream is either coconut or blueberry. Both are fantastic. Though I am more used to the European form of ice cream, gelato. It's a bit softer and creamier and not as cold. It's really tasty and lovely and whenever I have a good game, I reward myself with a portion of some delicious gelato afterwards. And when I have a bad game, I will have some delicious ice cream to make myself feel better again afterwards and I will immediately have more motivation to practice again. It's a win win situation!

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