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Good looking sig. There's a few things I like in this sig right off the bat. Jersey swap is really strong. I think the X's are a cool effect, but I would have added even more. You could have done a larger set in the background behind the render to create some depth. I really like the text. The font and alignment is cool. I would have brought it even closer to the center of the sig. Maybe even just the "Patrik" text could be moved left (really just personal preference I guess). I think the only real problem I have is the amount of white, and how it's kind of hard to see the render detail in all that white. With how white the jersey is, I might have done a purple background, or you could have added a purple stroke to the render. Overall great job, man!



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This is your best sig so far since coming back. Love the white background with the purple pattern brushes to make it more of a 2D sig. Text is very nicely placed and the render placement is really good despite being a bit of an awkward pose for Laine. I think the logo on the jersey swap is a little too big but other than that there's not much I don't like here. 9.5/10.

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