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King of the Hill


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No, not the TV show otherwise known as Texas Anime. I'm speaking more in terms of the old, probably now-banned-in-school game where one kid gets up to the top of a pile of snow or something and everyone else tries to knock them over and get to the top. At the exact moment I'm writing this article, Taro is currently king of the VHL TPA hill, sitting here with 995 applied at the start of his 5th season.


This isn't something I actually care about deeply, or really at all. It's not even something I think I'll hold onto for longer than a season or so, or even for much longer than a couple weeks (guys like Hornet and Vaakanainen--yes, I know how to spell that even though it took his whole career for me to learn--are S72 and don't have to worry about banking, while McJake, who's bought a lot of uncapped stuff from the player store to just about catch up, may be able to use his new big contract to pass me for at least a bit). It is, however, not something I ever did with Garcia, and it feels a little bit good to finally do it with someone. 


But that's not what matters! It's about doing well, and I hope that can happen. I've never been top of the league in anything, and don't expect to be--any good VHLer knows that being on top doesn't mean the stats go that way--but I'm going to wait and see how my first build-completed season goes and hope it goes well.

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8 minutes ago, GustavMattias said:

No, not the TV show otherwise known as Texas Anime.

:ded: never heard this before, but absolutely love it

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