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Camp Media Availability Scramble - Riga

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Season 79 has started and Justin Lose hopes that his off-ice training has helped him reach his peak. He also recently got back from the WC representing the USA. Team USA had secured gold in that event which was the first time Lose has won anything in his VHL career. Training camp also passed which held some intense training for this upcoming season. Some notes about the camp will be talked about later. When the training camp concluded we were able to chat with Justin Lose on some topics.


"It's surreal. The team we had for the WC was just insane. The talent pool was very deep and I'm grateful that I got the call to be included. Getting gold was just the cherry on top too. I made a lot of friends from that team and I can't wait to hopefully play with them again soon." - Lose on getting gold


In the off-season Lose met up with some of his current and former teammates to do some training. A small reunion with Addison McLaren was also included since he was traded to the Toronto Legion last season. 


"It was nice to see [Addison] McLaren again. It felt like he never left after doing some practice together. I'm sure he's going to kill it in Toronto with how hard he was training with us today." - Lose on McLaren reunion.


Lose, coming off career highs, is looking to improve even more. Lose is in the second year of his 3 year contract. After this contract is up he will become an Unrestricted Free Agent. Lose has commented that he isn't worried about his contract status yet. 


"I'm not focusing on the contract yet. I saw that Cabe McJake got a huge contract, so I'll probably use that as a reference when my current deal expires. Right now, I'm focused on getting wins with the Riga squad." - Lose on his contract


We also chatted about the draft and how the team improved. The biggest addition was Zamboni Driver in his last season being traded to Riga before the draft. After the draft, Riga welcomed the future and with an impressive training camp, Erlantz Jokinen has already cracked the lineup. Other rookies include Anze Miklavz and Milk Jugs.


"We are so excited to bring in Zamboni Driver to fill in the net. After the surprise retirement of Harvey, the GM worked so hard to find a replacement fast. I'm relieved that Driver was brought in since he is a veteran chasing a cup in his final season. Also, I think the GM did a great job with our future by drafting Erlantz Jokinen and Donny Carter. The future is bright for Riga and I hope we can get a cup with this core." - Lose on the draft


Riga Reign and Justin Lose are off to a good start to the season. With only 4 games played they are sitting 2nd in the conference behind the Malmo Nighthawks. In 4 games Lose has 3 points with 1 goal and 2 assists. 

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I really like how you create a backstory about your player, what happens with him behind the scenes, when he is not trying to score as much goals as possible. I really enjoyed how you made quotes, that your player said, it gives the text more personality. I would have liked for you  to add some pictures, that would give a break for eyes from reading the text and it could liven the text up. But other then that very interesting media spot! 



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Review: As always a great read and congrats on the WC success. As said above I like the back story and how you breakdown the topics that your player discussed but adding some more visual breaks would really add more to the article either have colored text when your player speaks or having some picture. Nice clean review of your players off season so 8/10

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